Thursday, February 15, 2018

KBYD February 15, 2018


Orgone - It's Serious 0:00
Boogaloo Assassins - Magic Rose (Live at Kpfk) 8:41
Billy Sha-Rae - Let's Do It Again 12:32
Jungle Fire - La Kossa 15:12
Twin Ponies - Ends and Pieces 19:13
Bearfoot Beware - Point Scorer 25:27
The Verve - Columbo 28:24
POEM: We Lying By Seasand by Dylan Thomas 38:16
Sister James - This current doom 38:07
dent - Keep It Cool 40:52
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Pish 42:27
Slow Hollows - Last Dance 48:00
Daniel Clarke - Trampin Stampin 50:44
Gaz Coombes - To the Wire 54:57
Editors - Our Love 1:00:19


We Lying By Seasand
by Dylan Thomas

We lying by seasand, watching yellow
And the grave sea, mock who deride
Who follow the red rivers, hollow
Alcove of words out of cicada shade,
For in this yellow grave of sand and sea
A calling for colour calls with the wind
That's grave and gay as grave and sea
Sleeping on either hand.
The lunar silences, the silent tide
Lapping the still canals, the dry tide-master
Ribbed between desert and water storm,
Should cure our ills of the water
With a one-coloured calm;
The heavenly music over the sand
Sounds with the grains as they hurry
Hiding the golden mountains and mansions
Of the grave, gay, seaside land.
Bound by a sovereign strip, we lie,
Watch yellow, wish for wind to blow away
The strata of the shore and drown red rock;
But wishes breed not, neither
Can we fend off rock arrival,
Lie watching yellow until the golden weather
Breaks, O my heart's blood, like a heart and hill.

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