Thursday, September 21, 2017

KBYD September 21, 2017



High Tide - Wine 0:00
The Black Seeds - Freakin' 3:39
Jungle Fire - Lamento Momposino 9:30
Imperial Broads - Since Forever 13:34
Theater of Hate - Satellite 15:59
Beach Fossils - Tangerine 21:05
Dan Kelly - Haters 25:47
Callie Roe - Head Rush 31:10
Courtney Barnett - How to Boil an Egg 34:55
Poem: Time That Gnaws At Bronze Lions And Dolphins by Derek Walcott 39:13
Kirk Brandon - Somewhere Out There 40:59
Altar Flowers - Dead Leaves 44:17
Tidal Rave - The Sea 47:42
The Gray Boy All Stars - Toys R Us 52:03
No Zu - High Gloss 56:15
Prince - Race 1:01:18

Poem: Time That Gnaws At Bronze Lions And Dolphins
by Derek Walcott

Time, that gnaws at bronze lions and dolphins
that shrivels fountains, had, exhausted him;
a cupola in Milan exhaled him like incense,
Abruzzi devoured him, Firenze spat him out,
Rome chewed his arm and flung it over her shoulder
for the rats in the catacombs; Rome took his empty eyes
from the sockets of the Colosseum. Italy ate him.
Its bats at vespers navigated her columns
with an ancient elation, a hand in San Marco’s font
aspersed him with foul canal water, then bells
tossed their heads like bulls, and their joy
rattled the campaniles, as innumerable pigeons
settled on the square of his forehead, his kidneys
were served in a modest hotel in Pescara,
a fish mimicked his skeleton in salty Amalfi
until after a while there was nothing left of him
except this: a name cut on a wall that soon
from the grime of indifference became indecipherable.

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