Wednesday, February 8, 2017

KBYD February 8, 2017


The Synths - Haunted Boyhood Self - 0:00
Dutch Uncles - Accelerate - 4:52
Tactics - Watch My Hands - 8:11
DD Horns - My Body Is A Cage - 10:19
The Kustom Built - Torch Song - 16:36
Hunters & Collectors - Alligator Engine - 21:12
No Zu - Spirit Beat - 27:06
Seth Sentry - Room For Rent - 32:19
Dignan Porch - You Win You Win - 35:34
Use No Hooks - Do The Job - 38:34
POEM: You Have, In You, The Leaves And Flowers by Guido Cavalcanti - 45:07
The Madding Crowd - Sinking Low - 46:35
Asteroid - Pale Moon - 50:10
Suzuki Method - Strangelet - 56:19
Jungle Fire - La Kossa - 1:00:35


You Have, In You, The Leaves And Flowers
by Guido Cavalcanti

You have, in you, the leaves and flowers
All that shines and all that’s sweet to see:
Greater than the sun your face in splendour,
Who sees you not can never worthy be.
In this world there is no creature
So pleasing or so full of beauty:
And he is led, who holds love in terror,
By your face, to desire such inwardly.

Each woman who is with you pleases me,
Through the love you show towards her:
And I pray to her, of her courtesy,
She who can do so best does you most honour.
And shows great care for your sovereignty,
For you are queen of all who are there.

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