Wednesday, December 9, 2015

KBYD December 9, 2015


DNCN - Fool Around
Kindred Shins - She's A Crowd
PyPy - She's Gone
Claws and Organs - No Teeth, No Stamina
Service Bells - Undertaker
Disco Doom - Ex-Teenager
The Girobabies - Ramp Up The Theatre
Poem: The Tombstone Told When She Died by Dylan Thomas
Autumn Owls - Devil's Lexicon
Cowbell - Never Satisfied
Orgone - No Pain
Suzuki Method - Ask For The Moon (Adam Suzuki Remix)
Aster Aweke & Sensation Band - Antiye
Ginnels - In My Arms the Sedative
Ballerina Black - Gravity
Sugar Army - Will You Follow


The Tombstone Told When She Died
by Dylan Thomas

The tombstone told when she died.
Her two surnames stopped me still.
A virgin married at rest.
She married in this pouring place,
That I struck one day by luck,
Before I heard in my mother's side
Or saw in the looking-glass shell
The rain through her cold heart speak
And the sun killed in her face.
More the thick stone cannot tell.
Before she lay on a stranger's bed
With a hand plunged through her hair,
Or that rainy tongue beat back
Through the devilish years and innocent deaths
To the room of a secret child,
Among men later I heard it said
She cried her white-dressed limbs were bare
And her red lips were kissed black,
She wept in her pain and made mouths,
Talked and tore though her eyes smiled.
I who saw in a hurried film
Death and this mad heroine
Meet once on a mortal wall
Heard her speak through the chipped beak
Of the stone bird guarding her:
I died before bedtime came
But my womb was bellowing
And I felt with my bare fall
A blazing red harsh head tear up
And the dear floods of his hair.

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