Thursday, December 3, 2015

KBYD December 3, 2015


A Copy For Collapse - Triangle - 0:00
The Oscillation - The Trial - 5:42
Dead School - Frailties - 10:20
Blind Arcade - Damn! It's Good To Be Alive - 14:07
The Girobabies - Escape! Routine! - 17:53
New Candys - Dark Love - 22:38
Royal Chant - Well Hey, I Guess Things Break - 26:20
Lost Weekends - In The Dark - 30:35
Poem: Blue Girls by John Crowe Ransom - 34:58
Autumn Owls - Breath Again - 36:18
Orphan Boy - Grand Piano - 39:11
Huon Kind - Feel Like This - 41:48
Dante Elephante - Let's Start Talking - 46:10
Sex Hands - Hot Cheddar - 48:47
More Trees Please - Sea In A Sieve - 52:05
The Love Junkies - Oxymoron - 57:21
The Burning Roaches - Bad Things - 59:45
You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons - Chapel Perilous - 1:03:50


Blue Girls
by John Crowe Ransom

Twirling your blue skirts, travelling the sward
Under the towers of your seminary,
Go listen to your teachers old and contrary
Without believing a word.

Tie the white fillets then about your hair
And think no more of what will come to pass
Than bluebirds that go walking on the grass
And chattering on the air.

Practice your beauty, blue girls, before it fail;
And I will cry with my loud lips and publish
Beauty which all our power shall never establish,
It is so frail.

For I could tell you a story which is true;
I know a woman with a terrible tongue,
Blear eyes fallen from blue,
All her perfections tarnished -- yet it is not long
Since she was lovelier than any of you.

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