Wednesday, October 28, 2015

KBYD October 28, 2015


Lights That Change - Voices - 0:00
MOVE - Magenta (Demo) - 4:35
The Wands - The Door - 8:21
The Peep Tempel - Carol - 13:14
Claws and Organs - No Teeth, No Stamina - 17:47
Pink Noise - Dive - 21:30
Tiger Tiger - Love Runs Out - 24:37
Krill - Phantom - 29:10
Poem: The Lobster by Howard Nemerov - 35:02
Editors - Open Your Arms - 37:14
The Girobabies - Brain Rocket (and the Evolution of Turtles) - 43:15
Huon Kind - Girl Is Mine - 46:01
Tiger Choir - Interstate - 50:17
Them Bruins - Barrenlands - 53:41
The Laurels - Manic Saturday - 58:01
Chuman - What Instrument Do You Play? - 1:02:33


The Lobster
by Howard Nemerov

Here at the Super Duper, in a glass tank
Supplied by a rill of cold fresh water
Running down a glass washboard at one end
And siphoned off at the other, and so
Perpetually renewed, a herd of lobster
Is made available to the customer
Who may choose whichever one he wants
to carry home and drop into boiling water
And serve with a sauce of melted butter.

Meanwhile, the beauty of strangeness marks
These creatures, who move (when they do)
With a slow, vague wavering of claws,
The somnambulist's effortless clambering
AS he crawls over the shell of a dream
Resembling himself. Their velvet colors,
Mud red, bruise purple, cadaver green
Speckled with black, their camouflage at home,
Make them conspicuous here in the strong
Day-imitating light, the incommensurable
Philosophers and at the same time victims
Herded together in the marketplace, asleep
Except for certain tentative gestures
Of their antennae, or their imperial claws
Pegged shut with a whittled stick at the wrist.

We inlanders, buying our needful food,
Pause over these slow, gigantic spiders
That spin not. We pause and are bemused,
And sometimes it happens that a mind sinks down
to the blind abyss in a swirl of sand, goes cold
And archaic in a carapace of horn,
Thinking: There's something underneath the world.

The flame beneath the pot that boils the water.

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