Friday, October 2, 2015

KBYD October 2, 2015


Dead Sea Apes - Soy Dios
The Naughtys - Stag Do
Royal Chant - Just Trying To Meet You
Silverclub - Didn't Try
Rule of Thirds - Fingerprints
Orgone - No Pain
12 Dirty Bullets - Fire
The Mobbs - You Cannot Tell Which Side Your Bread Is Buttered On
Chris Whitley - Ballpeen Hammer
Johnny Dangerously - You, Me, and the Alarm Clock
Autumn Owls - Airport
The Orielles - Space Doubt
Skelocrats - Misguided Tour
The Higsons - Slime, Shrew, Monkey, Man


The Dependencies
by Howard Nemerov

This morning, between two branches of a tree
Beside the door, epeira once again
Has spun and signed his tapestry and trap.
I test his early-warning system and
It works, he scrambles forth in sable with
The yellow hieroglyph that no one knows
The meaning of. And I remember now
How yesterday at dusk the nighthawks came
Back as they do about this time each year,
Grey squadrons with the slashes white on wings
Cruising for bugs beneath the bellied cloud.
Now soon the monarchs will be drifting south,
And then the geese will go, and then one day
The little garden birds will not be here.
See how many leaves already have
Withered and turned; a few have fallen, too.
Change is continuous on the seamless web,
Yet moments come like this one, when you feel
Upon your heart a signal to attend
The definite announcement of an end
Where one thing ceases and another starts;
When like the spider waiting on the web
You know the intricate dependencies
Spreading in secret through the fabric vast
Of heaven and earth, sending their messages
Ciphered in chemistry to all the kinds,
The whisper down the bloodstream: it is time.

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