Friday, September 4, 2015

KBYD September 4, 2015


Dead Sea Apes - Lupus
The Girobabies - Countdown to Tinnitus
Deap Vally - Bad For My Body
Froth - Postcard Radio
Money for Rope - Easy Way Out
Santoros - She
Girma Hadgu - Ene Alantchi Alnorem (I Can't Live Without You)
Street Joy - You
Bouts - Missteps
Girobabies - Planet Fort Knox
Swimmers - Lose Myself
The Murlocs - Adolescence
Pura Mandanga - Poco Loco
Echo Beach - Kowhai
The Higsons - Slime, Shrew, Monkey, Man
Kindred Shins - Sweet and the Strange
Polygon Palace - We Have A Visual (Disko Unterhaag)
My Jerusalem - Between Space
The Mexanines -  Hold Tight


The Man Whose Pharynx Was Bad
by Wallace Stevens

The time of year has grown indifferent.
Mildew of summer and the deepening snow
Are both alike in the routine I know:
I am too dumbly in my being pent.

The wind attendant on the solstices
Blows on the shutters of the metropoles,
Stirring no poet in his sleep, and tolls
The grand ideas of the villages.

The malady of the quotidian . . .
Perhaps if summer ever came to rest
And lengthened, deepened, comforted, caressed
Through days like oceans in obsidian

Horizons, full of night's midsummer blaze;
Perhaps, if winter once could penetrate
Through all its purples to the final slate,
Persisting bleakly in an icy haze;

One might in turn become less diffident,
Out of such mildew plucking neater mould
And spouting new orations of the cold.
One might. One might. But time will not relent.

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