Saturday, June 13, 2015

KBYD June 13, 2015


Confusion - A Copy For Collapse
Picture On My Wall - Orgone
Distant Ties - Froth
Hearts That Hanker For Mistake - Rx Bandits
Broken Record - Sweatshop Union
Undertaker - Service Bells
Room To Live - The Fall
Merciless and Masculine - Twin Ponies
I Think Not - The Twistettes
Under Your Powerful Love - Joe Tex
Get Sick - Bouts
Honey - Claws and Organs
Broken Man - The Von Bondies
Sour Grape Lemonade - More Trees Please
Guilty - Dirty Dishes
There's More To Life Than This - Björk
Long Time Ago - Street Joy
Dazed and Confused - Balaclava Models
The Junk Keeps Piling Up - The Higsons


by Howard Nemerov

This admirable gadget, when it is
Wound on a string and spun with steady force,
Maintains its balance on most any smooth
Surface, pleasantly humming as it goes.
It is whirled not on a constant course, but still
Stands in unshivering integrity
For quite some time, meaning nothing perhaps
But being something agreeable to watch,
A silver nearly silence gleaning a still-
ness out of speed, composing unity
From spin, so that its hollow spaces seem
Solids of light, until it wobbles and
Begins to whine, and then with an odd lunge
Eccentric and reckless, it skids away
And drops dead into its own skeleton.

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