Wednesday, May 6, 2015

KBYD May 6, 2015


I Knew It - Silverclub
Samurai - The Rebirth
Yes! - Citizen Kay
Happy Are The Mourners - The Moods
Squirrels - Krill
Just Like Glue - The Orielles
Story of Pain - The Abigails
Someone I Care About - Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers
Time Stands Still - Archdukes
North By Northwest - Blue Scholars
Say What You Mean - Celebration Guns
Muddy - Woodes x Elkkle
Spider In My Room - Andy Whitaker
Flat Mate - Sex Hands
Holiday - White Hex
Rock 'n' Roll Pretty Boys - 12 Dirty Bullets
Slime, Shrew, Monkey, Man - The Higsons


To-day, This Insect
by Dylan Thomas

To-day, this insect, and the world I breathe,
Now that my symbols have outelbowed space,
Time at the city spectacles, and half
The dear, daft time I take to nudge the sentence,
In trust and tale I have divided sense,
Slapped down the guillotine, the blood-red double
Of head and tail made witnesses to this
Murder of Eden and green genesis.

The insect certain is the plague of fables.

This story's monster has a serpent caul,
Blind in the coil scrams round the blazing outline,
Measures his own length on the garden wall
And breaks his shell in the last shocked beginning;
A crocodile before the chrysalis,
Before the fall from love the flying heartbone,
Winged like a sabbath ass this children's piece
Uncredited blows Jericho on Eden.

The insect fable is the certain promise.

Death: death of Hamlet and the nightmare madmen,
An air-drawn windmill on a wooden horse,
John's beast, Job's patience, and the fibs of vision,
Greek in the Irish sea the ageless voice:
'Adam I love, my madmen's love is endless,
No tell-tale lover has an end more certain,
All legends' sweethearts on a tree of stories,
My cross of tales behind the fabulous curtain.'

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