Wednesday, April 15, 2015

KBYD April 15, 2015


Dagger Dubber - Great North Star
Not Enough - Kill For Company
Australia Street - Sticky Fingers
Bite My Lip - Claws and Organs
Girl I Can't - Dirty North
Buried Alive - The Stoops
You're Pouring Water on a Drowning Man - Percy Sledge
Idiot's Guide to Karma - The Girobabies
East 14th - Defenders of Funk
Body Ahernia - Swimmers
Super Duper Electric Scooter - Victorian Trout Conspiracy
Be In Here - Orgone
Them Changes - The Higsons
Low Spirits - Royal Chant
Frigate - Idle Cranes


Ode For Ted
by Sylvia Plath

From under the crunch of my man's boot
green oat-sprouts jut;
he names a lapwing, starts rabbits in a rout
legging it most nimble
to sprigged hedge of bramble,
stalks red fox, shrewd stoat.

Loam-humps, he says, moles shunt
up from delved worm-haunt;
blue fur, moles have; hefting chalk-hulled flint
he with rock splits open
knobbed quartz; flayed colors ripen
rich, brown, sudden in sunlight.

For his least look, scant acres yield:
each finger-furrowed field
heaves forth stalk, leaf, fruit-nubbed emerald;
bright grain sprung so rarely
he hauls to his will early;
at his hand's staunch hest, birds build.

Ringdoves roost well within his wood,
shirr songs to suit which mood
he saunters in; how but most glad
could be this adam's woman
when all earth his words do summon
leaps to laud such man's blood!

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