Wednesday, April 29, 2015

KBYD April 29, 2015


Freak Flagged! - Wild Al Hotchkiss & His Aquaphibians
The Scream Before the Silence - The Ventriloquists
Piccadilly - Death To The Strange
Low Spirits - Royal Chant
Little Stabs At Happiness - Fujiya & Miyagi
Purple Aki - Suzuki Method
Bob n Weave - The Joint
Yes! - Citizen Kay
Sweet Feet - Orgone
Twenty-nine - The Abigails
Gold Divers Under the Ice - The Electric Cheese
Chant Like A Loon - Andy Whitaker & Oz Cooper
Night Chills - So Many Wizards
I Don't Know What's Happening To The Kids Today - Labi Siffre
Nobody Else - Avid Dancer
Blindness - The Fall

Saturday, April 25, 2015

KBYD April 22, 2015


Insurmountable Princesses - Wild Al Hotchkiss and His Aquaphibians
Orpheus Under the Influence - The Buttertones
Get Myself Into It - The Rapture
Tropicoso - Jungle Fire
I Don't Want to Live With Monkeys - The Higsons
So Far to Fall - The Quarter After
Steamshovel - Marshmallow Steamshovel
What She's Done to Your Mind - The Rain Parade
Acid Couple Kiss - Froth
Burgundy Blues (feat. James "The Penguin" King) - Breakestra
The Fox - A Certain Ratio
Dance - ESG
Adopt an Elephant - Victorian Trout Conspiracy
Tryptophan - The Moods
Body Ahernia - Swimmers
Insight (Joy Division Cover) - Jez Kerr
This Town - Bloods
Life in a Day - I Am Kloot
Ocean - The Owls
Life - YoMama
This Music is Wasted if We Don't Dance - Red Elvises
On The Blvd. - Defenders of Funk

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

KBYD April 15, 2015


Dagger Dubber - Great North Star
Not Enough - Kill For Company
Australia Street - Sticky Fingers
Bite My Lip - Claws and Organs
Girl I Can't - Dirty North
Buried Alive - The Stoops
You're Pouring Water on a Drowning Man - Percy Sledge
Idiot's Guide to Karma - The Girobabies
East 14th - Defenders of Funk
Body Ahernia - Swimmers
Super Duper Electric Scooter - Victorian Trout Conspiracy
Be In Here - Orgone
Them Changes - The Higsons
Low Spirits - Royal Chant
Frigate - Idle Cranes

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

KBYD April 1, 2015


Dead Fingers Talk - Dead Sea Apes
Hanging By A Thread - Phil Judd
Counting The Beat - The Swingers
Gabriel's Strut Dub - The Black Seeds
The Fish That Never Swam - Hector Bizerk
Look Away - 2 of Clubs
I Hate The Beach - Rebel Tears
Fan Fiction - Long Limbs
Gold Divers Under The Ice - The Electric Cheese
King Titan - Wild Al Hotchkiss and His Aquaphibians
Lucie - Fungi Girls
Going Into The Unknown - Wounded Lion
Billy - Boys Boys Boys
Conductor - Girl Band
Stay The Same - Huon Kind
Hairdo - Sex Hands
Adolescence - The Murlocs