Wednesday, March 18, 2015

KBYD March 18, 2015


Da Da Da Beasts - Asian Women on the Telephone
Promises - Monophonics
Cut The Roof Off Your Car - Boys Boys Boys
Heat - The Higsons
Walk a Line - Them Bruins
Hiders Waltz - Motion Picture Actress
Degobah System - Wounded Lion
Fly Boy Blue / Lunette - Elbow
Gate 49 - Stiff Little Fingers
Camels - The Electric Cheese
I Knew It - Silverclub
Yoop - Garden of Elks
The Curse - Sex Hands
Firewalker - Jungle Fire
Funky Donkey - The Beastie Boys


The Blue Swallows
by Howard Nemerov

Across the millstream below the bridge
Seven blue swallows divide the air
In shapes invisible and evanescent,
Kaleidoscopic beyond the mind’s
Or memory’s power to keep them there.

“History is where tensions were,”
“Form is the diagram of forces.”
Thus, helplessly, there on the bridge,
While gazing down upon those birds—
How strange, to be above the birds!—
Thus helplessly the mind in its brain
Weaves up relation’s spindrift web,
Seeing the swallows’ tails as nibs
Dipped in invisible ink, writing…

Poor mind, what would you have them write?
Some cabalistic history
Whose authorship you might ascribe
To God? to Nature? Ah, poor ghost,
You've capitalized your Self enough.
That villainous William of Occam
Cut out the feet from under that dream
Some seven centuries ago.
It’s taken that long for the mind
To waken, yawn and stretch, to see
With opened eyes emptied of speech
The real world where the spelling mind
Imposes with its grammar book
Unreal relations on the blue
Swallows. Perhaps when you will have
Fully awakened, I shall show you
A new thing: even the water
Flowing away beneath those birds
Will fail to reflect their flying forms,
And the eyes that see become as stones
Whence never tears shall fall again.

O swallows, swallows, poems are not
The point. Finding again the world,
That is the point, where loveliness
Adorns intelligible things
Because the mind’s eye lit the sun.

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