Wednesday, January 28, 2015

KBYD January 28, 2015


Knowledge and Conversation - Dead Sea Apes
Men In Suits - The Mantells
Ramona Wolf - The Creeping Ivies
Bootsy - A Certain Ratio
Trouble - Silverclub
Coughing Fits - Sickboy
Cyclothymia - The New Fabian Society
Space Doubt - The Orielles
This Morning We Are Astronauts - Garden of Elks
Stag Do - The Naughtys
I'd Rather Be Your Enemy - Gemma Ray
Bilgewater - Brown Bird
On This Earth - The Stoops
Went South - MOG
Snake Pit - Jungle Fire
Slime, Shrew, Monkey, Man - The Higsons
This Is Coming To? - The Rebirth
Never Been Free - Honeyfeet
The Fire Is Now Gone - Garbage Head
Tearing It Down - Johnny Dangerously (John Bramwell)


A Garden, Written after the Civil Wars
by Andrew Marvell

SEE how the flowers, as at parade,
Under their colours stand display'd:
Each regiment in order grows,
That of the tulip, pink, and rose.
But when the vigilant patrol
Of stars walks round about the pole,
Their leaves, that to the stalks are curl'd,
Seem to their staves the ensigns furl'd.
Then in some flower's beloved hut
Each bee, as sentinel, is shut,
And sleeps so too; but if once stirr'd,
She runs you through, nor asks the word.
O thou, that dear and happy Isle,
The garden of the world erewhile,
Thou Paradise of the four seas
Which Heaven planted us to please,
But, to exclude the world, did guard
With wat'ry if not flaming sword;
What luckless apple did we taste
To make us mortal and thee waste!
Unhappy! shall we never more
That sweet militia restore,
When gardens only had their towers,
And all the garrisons were flowers;
When roses only arms might bear,
And men did rosy garlands wear?

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