Wednesday, December 10, 2014

KBYD December 10, 2014


The Zoo - The Black Paths
Los Feligreses - Jungle Fire
Ex Teenager - Disco Doom
Hit Your Head - Service Bells
Coalmine Pony - Motorpsycho
Beautiful for the Ripper - Taser Puppets
Bob 'N' Weave - The Joint
Shake Shake - Royal Chant
Leo - Go Violets
Mend In - Halt Ever
Emerald Green - Cosmonauts
They Don't Understand - Monophonics
Nevermind - The Naughtys
Arcade - Waits
F.Y.I. - Bad Wolf
We Dance On - Faers
Gone For Good - My Jerusalem
Fun In The Snow - The Wax Collection
Black and Blue - Johnny Dangerously (John Bramwell)
Sense of Humour - Phil Judd
Defenestration Song - Have A Nice Life


It Must Give Pleasure (I)
from Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction by Wallace Stevens


To sing jubilas at exact, accustomed times,
To be crested and wear the mane of a multitude
And so, as part, to exult with its great throat,

To speak of joy and to sing of it, borne on
The shoulders of joyous men, to feel the heart
That is the common, the bravest fundament,

This is a facile exercise. Jerome
Begat the tubas and the fire-wind strings,
The golden fingers picking dark-blue air:

For companies of voices moving there,
To find of sound the bleakest ancestor,
To find of light a music issuing

Whereon it falls in more than sensual mode.
But the difficultest rigor is forthwith,
On the image of what we see, to catch from that

Irrational moment its unreasoning,
As when the sun comes rising, when the sea
Clears deeply, when the moon hangs on the wall

Of heaven-haven. These are not things transformed.
Yet we are shaken by them as if they were.
We reason about them with a later reason.

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