Wednesday, November 19, 2014

KBYD November 19, 2014


Streetlight - Rik Warren (Walk)
Naked With You - The Burning Roaches
All The Cool Kids - The Orwells
Varnish - Hot Vestry
Tropicoso - Jungle Fire
Shame 2 - Lewis Taylor
Camels - The Electric Cheese
Will You Follow? - Sugar Army
Blue Guitar - Negratempo
Paycheck - FIDLAR
I Think Not - The Twistettes
Public Image - Public Image Ltd.
The Eve of Revolution - Jackal Trades
Orpheus Under The Influence - The Buttertones
About A Girl (cover) - The Bell Peppers
Chemical Reaction - Girl Friend
Salamander Man - Phil Judd
This Can't Be Today 1984 - Rain Parade


The Odyssey
by Andrew Lang

AS one that for a weary space has lain
         Lull'd by the song of Circe and her wine
         In gardens near the pale of Proserpine,
Where that Aeaean isle forgets the main,
And only the low lutes of love complain,
         And only shadows of wan lovers pine--
         As such an one were glad to know the brine
Salt on his lips, and the large air again--
So gladly from the songs of modern speech
         Men turn, and see the stars, and feel the free
         Shrill wind beyond the close of heavy flowers,
         And through the music of the languid hours
They hear like Ocean on a western beach
         The surge and thunder of the Odyssey.

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