Wednesday, October 15, 2014

KBYD October 15, 2014


Lookout - Orgone
Carnival - Psycle
No One - Leeches!
Boom - Taser Puppets
Naked With You - The Burning Roaches
Old Stuff / New Glass - The Orielles
I'd Rather Be Your Enemy - Gemma Ray
Hacksaw - River of Snakes
Cool Jeans - Twin Ponies
The Bobs Gordon - Them Sharks
Sweet Beatrice - The Mobbs
I Like Your Style - The Bots
Hot And Cold - Ex Hex
Better Off Deaf - The Owls
Yasmin - Forever Cult
Basketball - Speedy Ortiz
To Boast - Oxygen Thieves
I Lose Control - Slumberhaze
About A Girl - The Bell Peppers
High Off Your Love - Monophonics


Janet Waking
by John Crowe Ransom

Beautifully Janet slept
Till it was deeply morning. She woke then
And thought about her dainty-feathered hen,
To see how it had kept.

One kiss she gave her mother,
Only a small one gave she to her daddy
Who would have kissed each curl of his shining baby;
No kiss at all for her brother.

“Old Chucky, Old Chucky!” she cried,
Running on little pink feet upon the grass
To Chucky’s house, and listening. But alas,
Her Chucky had died.

It was a transmogrifying bee
Came droning down on Chucky’s old bald head
And sat and put the poison. It scarcely bled,
But how exceedingly

And purply did the knot
Swell with the venom and communicate
Its rigour! Now the poor comb stood up straight
But Chucky did not.

So there was Janet
Kneeling on the wet grass, crying her brown hen
(Translated far beyond the daughters of men)
To rise and walk upon it.

And weeping fast as she had breath
Janet implored us, “Wake her from her sleep!”
And would not be instructed in how deep
Was the forgetful kingdom of death.

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