Wednesday, September 10, 2014

KBYD September 10, 2014


Wolf of the Bees - Dead Sea Apes
Under The Lights - Donora
The New Twenty - Puppet Rebellion
Country Cousins - Suzuki Method
Idiot's Guide to Karma - The Girobabies
Parallels - Sugar Army
Californiyeah - !!! (Chk Chk Chk)
It's OK, I'm Scared Too - Sickboy
Move - New York Tourists
Mono - My Jerusalem
Too Wet - Froth
Get With Me - PINS
This City - Walk (Rik Warren)
Leo - Go Violets
Nobody But You - The Abigails
Back To The Start - Silverclub
The Way That I Do - Black Sonic Revolver
Daredevil - Fiona Apple
Reach Out - Garbage Head
Come To Me - The Black Seeds
Hands and Knees - Dag-för-Dag
Sex Invader - DeStijl


After Lorca
by Ted Hughes

The clock says "When will it be morning?"
The sun says "Noon hurt me."
The river cries with its mouthful of mud
And the sea moves every way without moving.

Out of my ear grew a reed
Never touched by mouth.
Paper yellows, even without flame,
But in words carbon has already become diamond.

A supple river of mirrors I run on
Where great shadows rise to the glance,
Flowing all forward and bringing
The world through my reflection.

A voice like a ghost that is not
Rustle the dead in passage
Leaving the living chilled,
Wipe clear the pure glass of stone.

Wipe clear the pure stone of flesh.

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