Saturday, August 2, 2014

KBYD August 2, 2014


Frostbite - The Black Seeds
Gentlemen (Pleasuremaker remix) - Fela Kuti
Countdown to Tinnitus - The Girobabies
Twist Like Uma Thurman - Red Elvises
19 - NARCS
Ramona Wolf - The Creeping Ivies
Wax & Feathers - Whales in Cubicles
Buried My Husband - Honeyfeet
Sisters - White Hex
Over - Working For A Nuclear Free City
Death Valley - My Jerusalem
Chemical Friends - Puppet Rebellion
You Cannot Tell Which Side Your Bread Is Buttered On - The Mobbs
Flat Feet - Royal Chant
Feel Good - The Barmines
The New Twenty - Puppet Rebellion
Cyclothymia - The New Fabian Society
Reach For The Sky - Spiderbait
Rusty - Idlewild
Ghost of Romance - Boris
I Can't Explain - DeStijl
Hang Up - Peter Murphy
Dagger Dubber - Great North Star


Negative Love
by John Donne

I never stoop'd so low, as they
Which on an eye, cheeke, lip, can prey,
Seldom to them, which soare no higher
Than vertue or the minde to'admire,
For sense, and understanding may
Know, what gives fuell to their fire:
My love, though silly, is more brave,
For may I misse, when ere I crave,
If I know yet, what I would have.
If that be simply perfectest
Which can by no way be exprest
But Negatives, my love is so.
To All, which all love, I say no.
If any who deciphers best,
What we know not, our selves, can know,
Let him teach mee that nothing; This
As yet my ease, and comfort is,
Though I speed not, I cannot miss.

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