Saturday, June 7, 2014

KBYD June 7, 2014


Techno Dawn - Jez Kerr
Strangler - The Bad Joke That Ended Well
Prufrock's Dream - Silhouettes
Right As Rain - The Tapestry
Entity - The Orielles
Shock Your Feet - Delix
Ready To Burn - Hot Soles
Stars - Two Skies
You, Me, and the Alarm Clock - Johnny Dangerously (John Bramwell)
This Particular Girl - Lucky T. Jackson
Playing Dead - Night Beats
Burn Up The Road - Liam Finn
Crystal Bones - The Balcony Stars
No Keys - The Bedroom Hour
High Low - Designer Mutts
General Education - Froth
Conclusion - Kidsmoke
Tough It Out - DeStijl
Bloodhounds On My Trail - The Black Angels
Will You Follow - Sugar Army


The Swan
by Rainer Marie Rilke

This living is labor: with trials never done,
Burdened, almost bound, limping along;
Like the gravid gait of the swan.

And dying, this losing
Ground on which we daily stand,
His skittish self-settling--:

Upon the water; it receives him gently,
And so carefree it goes along its way;
Then draws back beneath, surge upon surge,
While he, eternally still and secure,
Settled at last, stately,
Placid, gives himself to be drawn along.

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