Saturday, April 19, 2014

KBYD April 19, 2014


Trouble's Roots - One Mile An Hour
Whiskey - The Angry Dead Pirates
Spooky House - Kittentank
Rain Comes Down - The Bad Joke That Ended Well
Junk Culture - Johnny Dangerously (John Bramwell)
A Short Lecture by the National School - National School
Karma Trip - The Orielles
Not Enough - Kill For Company
New Nowhere - Royal Chant
Giving It Back - Tarmac Adam
Brixton Rain - Ballerina Black
Sniper - The Black Angels
What's Wrong With David? - The Ten Thousand
Lord, Heal Our Narcissism - The Bicycle Boys
All I Know - Honeyfeet
Serial Immortality - DeStijl
Seems To Me - Basheer and the Pied Pipers
Leveled - Dylan Joel


Frogs Eat Butterflies, Snakes Eat Frogs, Hogs Eat Snakes, Men Eat Hogs
by Wallace Stevens

It is true that the rivers went nosing like swine,
Tugging at banks, until they seemed
Bland belly-sounds in somnolent troughs,

That the air was heavy with the breath of these swine,
The breath of turgid summer, and
Heavy with thunder's rattapallax,

That the man who erected this cabin, planted
This field, and tended it awhile,
Knew not the quirks of imagery,

That the hours of his indolent, arid days,
Grotesque with this nosing in banks,
This somnolence and rattapallax,

Seemed to suckle themselves on his arid being,
As the swine-like rivers suckled themselves
While they went seaward to the sea-mouths.

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