Friday, December 6, 2013

KBYD December 6, 2013


The Only One - Orgone
One Man Brawl - I Am Kloot
You Can Dance - Janice Graham Band
Future Spark - Sugar Army
Chaperone - The Red Lights
Stay Coloured - I Know The Chief
Mr Thousand Pound Man - The Hippy Mafia
Another Song - Honeyfeet
Sunny - Jim Noir
Walk Away - The Harpoons
Hoola - Archie Bronson Outfit
3 For Stevie - Simple Citizens
High Low - Designer Mutts
City of Angles - The Ten Thousand
Red Red Red - Fiona Apple
Tears Apart - Letters to Fiesta
Strangelet - Suzuki Method
Flight - The Sweet Apes
Frostbite - The Black Seeds


Sonnet 21
by Sir Thomas Wyatt

Such vain thought as wonted to mislead me
In desert hope by well assured moan,
Maketh me from company to live alone
In following her whom reason bid me flee.
She fleeeth as fast by gentle cruelty,
And after her mine heart would fain be gone,
But armed sighs my way do stop anon,
Twixt hope and dread lacking my liberty.
Yet, as I guess, under disdainful brow,
One beam of pity is in her cloudy look,
Which comforteth the mind that erst for fear shook.
And, therewithall bolded, I seek the way how
   To utter the smart that I suffer within;
   But such it is I not how to begin.

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