Friday, November 8, 2013

KBYD November 8, 2013


Burgundy Blues - Breakestra
Firewalker - Jungle Fire
Be In Here - Orgone
Numb - Hey Bulldog
Spooky House - Kittentank
What A Shame - The Strypes
Just Waiting For You To Come - The Wild Reeds
Sun Shines Underwater - Jo Bywater
Sloth - Skeleton Suite
Circuits - The Ventriloquists
Haunting at 1300 McKinley - The Black Angels
Help You Be Yourself - The Good Morrows
Bellevue (Live) - Royal Chant
Blood Clot - Lunatics on Pogosticks
The Vigilance - Orgone
There's A Riot Going On - Monophonics
Boom - Taser Puppets
You Asked For The Moon And You Got It - Suzuki Method
Bad For My Body - Deap Vally
Regret - Fiona Apple
You Invented Horror - The Relays
Breakfast At Sylvia's - Skint And Demoralized
The Last Fool - Orgone


by John Donne

WHOEVER comes to shroud me, do not harm,
          Nor question much,
That subtle wreath of hair, which crowns my arm ;
The mystery, the sign, you must not touch ;
          For 'tis my outward soul,
Viceroy to that, which then to heaven being gone,
          Will leave this to control
And keep these limbs, her provinces, from dissolution.

For if the sinewy thread my brain lets fall
          Through every part
Can tie those parts, and make me one of all,
Those hairs which upward grew, and strength and art
          Have from a better brain,
Can better do 't ; except she meant that I
          By this should know my pain,
As prisoners then are manacled, when they're condemn'd to die.

Whate'er she meant by it, bury it with me,
          For since I am
Love's martyr, it might breed idolatry,
If into other hands these relics came.
          As 'twas humility
To afford to it all that a soul can do,
          So 'tis some bravery,
That since you would have none of me, I bury some of you.

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