Saturday, August 24, 2013

KBYD August 24, 2013


Death to Snowboy - Honeyfeet
Bloom - Buzz Kull
Statuettes - Letters to Fiesta
Missing Boy - The Durutti Column
Nightlight - Hercules in NY
Mushrooms - Kurasawa Club
We Have a Visual - Polygon Palace
Tokuta - Jungle Fire
Heaven - Ebo Taylor
The Sun Is Ours - Janice Graham Band
Truckload of Art - Cracker
Bullet - The Herbert Bail Orchestra
Backseat - Carina Round
The Vigilance - Orgone
Deadfoot - Coach
You Are - The Joint
Love Issue - The Rebirth
Swimwear - Hey!Hello!.
Caught - The Pryor Theory
I Need Some Money - Eddie Harris
Ask For The Moon (Adam Suzuki Remix) - Suzuki Method
Ride - The Pack AD
No Reply - The Lions
Leave - Tarmac Adam
Baby Please Don't Leave Me - Junior Kimbrough
Mr. Clean - Freddie Hubbard


by Wole Soyinka      
Blue diaphane, tobacco smoke
Serpentine on wet film and wood glaze,
Mutes chrome, wreathes velvet drapes,
Dims the cave of mirrors. Ghost fingers
Comb seaweed hair, stroke acquamarine veins
Of marooned mariners, captives
Of Circe's sultry notes. The barman
Dispenses igneous potions -
Somnabulist, the band plays on.

Cocktail mixer, silvery fish
Dances for limpet clients.
Applause is steeped in lassitude,
Tangled in webs of lovers' whispers
And artful eyelash of the androgynous.
The hovering notes caress the night
Mellowed deep indigo - still they play.

Departures linger. Absences do not
Deplete the tavern. They hang over the haze
As exhalations from receded shores. Soon,
Night repossesses the silence, but till dawn
The notes hold sway, smoky
Epiphanies, possessive of the hours.

This music's plaint forgives, redeems
The deafness of the world. Night turns
Homewards, sheathed in notes of solace, pleats
The broken silence of the heart.

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