Sunday, July 14, 2013

KBYD July 13, 2013


Mother Mother - Fat Freddy's Drop
Michael - Milk Teddy
Jigsaw - Sugar Army
Mediocre Poetry - Skeleton Suite
Talking At The Same Time - Tom Waits
Statement of Vindication - Bikini Kill
My Beloved Monster - Eels
Tokuta (Grant Phabao Remix feat. Soul Sugar) - Jungle Fire
Hurry Back, Good News - Clarence Gatemouth Brown
Cairo Cairo - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
Silky Filter - The Moods Manchester
Whether Youre Right (Radio Edit) - LABJACD
Loose Cartilage - The Black Seeds
Doing Me Wrong - Orgone
Get Free - Major Lazer feat. Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors
Sun Zoom Spark - Captain Beefheart
Counting the Beat - The Swingers
Looking Inwardly - The Chameleons

by John Donne

TAKE heed of loving me ;
At least remember, I forbade it thee ;
Not that I shall repair my unthrifty waste
Of breath and blood, upon thy sighs and tears,
By being to thee then what to me thou wast ;
But so great joy our life at once outwears.
Then, lest thy love by my death frustrate be,
If thou love me, take heed of loving me.

Take heed of hating me,
Or too much triumph in the victory ;
Not that I shall be mine own officer,
And hate with hate again retaliate ;
But thou wilt lose the style of conqueror,
If I, thy conquest, perish by thy hate.
Then, lest my being nothing lessen thee,
If thou hate me, take heed of hating me.

Yet love and hate me too ;
So these extremes shall ne'er their office do ;
Love me, that I may die the gentler way ;
Hate me, because thy love's too great for me ;
Or let these two, themselves, not me, decay ;
So shall I live thy stage, not triumph be.
Lest thou thy love and hate, and me undo,
O let me live, yet love and hate me too.

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