Saturday, July 27, 2013

KBYD July 27, 2013


Sushi - The Black Paths
Strange Feeling (DeLix Refresh) - Flowers Groove
Torso of the Week - Everything Everything
How Dogs Behave - Philip Quinn and the Vanguards
Dark and Stormy Weather - JJ Cale
Kursk - Kntrlr
The Door - The Wands
Yo Todo Y Tu Yo - The Rugged Nuggets
Kwamununga - Jagari Chanda
Chalupa - Jungle Fire
Forces - The Brutal Poodles
You Got It All - The New Mastersounds
Diggin on James Brown - Tower of Power
Circuits - The Ventriloquists
Ethio-Steppers - The Lions
Spring Rain - The Go-Betweens

Saturday, July 20, 2013

KBYD July 20, 2013


Dusk Till Dawn - Nedry
Walk On The Wild Side - Jez Kerr
Firesuite - Doves
Russia - Fat Freddy's Drop
Sulpher Lights - Running Guns
Tom Jones - Movits!
Hard Steppin - Ikebe Shakedown
Salamander - Phil Judd
Alphaville - Working For A Nuclear Free City
Falling Deeper - Makaras Pen
Pacifying Joint - The Fall
That's What I Told You - Jagari Chanda
It's Time Tonight - Orgone
Take You There - Kittentank
Ethio - Shawn Lee Ping Pong Orchestra
She Never Finds - The Whip Hand
Far Away - Conics
Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) - David Bowie
Turn To Vices - The Chameleons

Sunday, July 14, 2013

KBYD July 13, 2013


Mother Mother - Fat Freddy's Drop
Michael - Milk Teddy
Jigsaw - Sugar Army
Mediocre Poetry - Skeleton Suite
Talking At The Same Time - Tom Waits
Statement of Vindication - Bikini Kill
My Beloved Monster - Eels
Tokuta (Grant Phabao Remix feat. Soul Sugar) - Jungle Fire
Hurry Back, Good News - Clarence Gatemouth Brown
Cairo Cairo - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
Silky Filter - The Moods Manchester
Whether Youre Right (Radio Edit) - LABJACD
Loose Cartilage - The Black Seeds
Doing Me Wrong - Orgone
Get Free - Major Lazer feat. Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors
Sun Zoom Spark - Captain Beefheart
Counting the Beat - The Swingers
Looking Inwardly - The Chameleons

Thursday, July 4, 2013

KBYD July 4, 2013


In The Zoo - The Black Paths
Country Cousins - Suzuki Method
Gonna Make My Own Money - Deap Vally
My LCA (Little Box of Magic) - Githead
The Tape - Working For A Nuclear Free City
I Can Hear It When You Sing - Milk Teddy
Circumspect Penelope - Look Blue Go Purple
Apollo Creed - The Hippy Mafia
Only Man - Audio Bullys
Lookout - Orgone
Little Bob - Black Grape
Something Real - Secret of Life
Push Me On - Doves
Jelly Legs - Children Collide
Circe - Ruby Tingle
Impersonator - Majical Cloudz
Things I Wish I'd Said - The Chameleons
Unconvinced - Autumn Owls
Like Cat's Eyes - Silverclub
Thanks For The Tourniquet - Rubberneck Lions