Thursday, June 27, 2013

KBYD June 27, 2013


Yèkèrmo Sèw - Mulatu Astatqé
Overtime - Orgone
Shock Your Feet - DeLix
Wounded - Skeleton Suite
I Disappear - Buzz Kull
On The Run - Destijl
Hearts Content - Sugar Army
Paradiso - The Chameleons UK
Did You Pay Cash for That Panic Attack? - Royal Chant
Face To The Highway - Tom Waits
Lassie - Doc Holiday Takes the Shotgun
To Disappear - Kill For Company
Going To Go - The Ventriloquists
Get By - The Secret Of Life
When All Your Love Is Not Enough - Kira Puru & The Bruise
Country Cousins - Suzuki Method

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

KBYD June 18, 2013


Tsunami - Rugged Nuggets
Boondigga - Fat Freddy's Drop
Hollywood - Hunter Green
Circuits - The Ventriloquists
Plastic Factory - Captain Beefheart
St. Peter - Gaoler's Daughter
Shades - The Chameleons
Violation - The Boscos
The Last Fool - Orgone
Catch a Fire - Mojo Juju and the Snake Oil Merchants
Firestarter - Jungle Fire
Mi Gente - LABJACD
Living the Circle - The Child of Lov
Two Sides of the Truth - Public Opinion Afro Orchestra
Unrecognizable Blues - Designer Mutts
A Good Idea - Sugar
Hydraulic Bottlejacks - Andy Whitaker
Mesosphere - Letters to Fiesta
City Lights - DeLix
Under The Wave - The Hyena Kill

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

KBYD June 11, 2013


The Cosmic Emporium - I See Angels
Firewalker - Jungle Fire
Little Bit Of Soul - Busted Onions
Flight of the Ancients - The Shaolin Afronauts
Luz - Chico Mann
I Can't Explain - Destijl
Whether You're Right - LABJACD
Friend Or Foe - Chantal Mitvalsky
Mediocre Poetry - Skeleton Suite
I Won't Let You Down - Audio Bullys
High Low - Designer Mutts
No Ordinary Love - Hunter Green
Living - Extra Love
Drunk On The Funk - Neighbour
Do The Du - A Certain Ratio
Predators - Golden Young
The Irish Keep Gate-Crashing - The Thrills

Thursday, June 6, 2013

KBYD June 6, 2013


Chalupa - Jungle Fire
Will You Follow - Sugar Army
Anger Management - Hunter Green
Gabriel's Strut Dub - The Black Seeds
Ernie - Fat Freddy's Drop
Sense of Humour - Phil Judd
Indiana - The Chameleons
Myth - Beach House
Frightened - The Fall
Dangerous Lands - The Chameleons
Dounia - Rokia Traore
Aynotchesh Yerèfu - Samuel Belay
Jungle Struttin - The Lions
Switchblade - The Ventriloquists
Lose - Chico Mann
Zafari - Ethio-Cali
Used To Be Dub - Hollie Cook
Walk On The Wild Side - Jimmy Smith
Flying to Berlin - Savages
The Only One - Orgone

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: The Ventriloquists at The Mint

[the ventriloquists]
The Ventriloquists
On Friday May 24th at The Mint in Los Angeles The Ventriloquists performed a set of moving tunes to an enthusiastic audience. I felt it a privilege to witness their live show in the sophisticated yet accessible aura that this venue spreads about the musical acts that traverses its stage. Initially the performance was impressive, simply from the visual impact that five multi-instrumental musicians on stage is able to wield.

Upon hearing the successive tunes, however, rich in their lyrical depth and in their textured melodic and harmonic layers, I was won over through my ears. The Ventriloquists shape a kind of poetry in sound and sense full of lament and celebration, angst and consummation. Sometimes aggressive, with nip and nibble of acerbic wit, sometimes soothingly haunting in their jazz-infused energy, always playful, always intriguing, these tunes make an impact. What these talented musicians are making are songs that people will sing and not forget.

This band admits that they are hard to classify, writing and playing tunes that they share a love for, rather than consciously making their music fit into an already-established category. They call themselves Americana, but even that designation seems too narrow. One song sounds like a slow James Brown number, another like Radiohead with horns, another (at moments) somewhat like Sigur Ros backing Fishbone. And ultimately, even their own tentative suggestion that some have said they are perhaps most similar to The Band with a sturdy horn section fails to convey an accurate adumbration of what one will experience in witnessing this group in their unfiltered glory.

Upon listening, one is struck with the feeling that this band which has been in existence for over five years is just now finding footing musically, stone steady in confidence while entirely avoiding any possibility of petrification.

Get their album, Bailout!, and go see them live when you get a chance. You will find them unlike any band you've seen before.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

KBYD May 30, 2013


Trouble - Zeds Dead
Shock Your Feet - DeLix
Dilo Como Yo (Te Están Llamando) - Chico Mann
In The Cut - The Aggrolites
Silence - The Joint
Believers In Medicine (feat. Matt Duckworth) - Rainbows Are Free
Dancing - Vomit Supreme
Black And White - Kill For Company
The Loser - Black Sugar
A Million Cells - Miracle Days
Honky Tonk Popcorn - Pacific Rhythm Combo
Give It Up - Orgone
I Hope - The Moods Manchester
Leafless - Taser Puppets
Circuits - The Ventriloquists
Drivin Sideways - Kill City Creeps
When Harmony Comes - Mark Burgess And The Sons Of God
Wildfire - SBTRKT