Thursday, May 9, 2013

KBYD May 9, 2013


Silent Times - Working For A Nuclear Free City
Freeka - Jez Kerr
Heuristic Fits - Mount Fabric
She's a Birrova Trump - The Nackers 
I'm Here Forever - Boys Boys Boys!
Since I Found My Baby - The Metros
Cali Fever - Orgone
Easy Lyfe - Sweet Teeth
You Better Believe It Baby - Joe Tex
Things Got To Get Better - The Transatlantics
See Us - More Trees Please
Budokan - The Cactus Channel
Play It Cool - Alton Ellis
Archer's Arrows - Crowded House
Window Pane - Tarmac Adam
Excite Me - 28 Costumes
Painting Pictures With Words - Phil Judd
Tsunami - Rugged Nuggets
Tokuta (Grand Phabao remix Ft. Soul Sugar) - Jungle Fire
Advice - Phillip Quinn
Apollo Throwdown - The Go! Team
This Room - Fat Freddy's Drop
Loose Cartilage - The Black Seeds
Maybe The Boy Who Cried Wolf Was Just Paranoid - Sugar Army


Gerard Manley Hopkins

I awoke in the Midsummer not to call night, in the white and the walk of the morning:
The moon, dwindled and thinned to the fringe of a finger-nail held to the candle,
Or paring of paradisaical fruit, lovely in waning but lustreless,
Stepped from the stool, drew back from the barrow, of dark Maenefa the mountain;

A cusp still clasped him, a fluke yet fanged him, entangled him, not quite utterly.
This was the prized, the desirable sight, unsought, presented so easily,
Parted me leaf and leaf, divided me, eyelid and eyelid of slumber.

A Song of the Degrees
Ezra Pound

Rest me with Chinese colours,
For I think the glass is evil.

The wind moves above the wheat-
With a silver crashing,
A thin war of metal.

I have known the golden disc,
I have seen it melting above me.
I have known the stone-bright place,
The hall of clear colours.

O glass subtly evil, O confusion of colours !
O light bound and bent in, soul of the captive,
Why am I warned? Why am I sent away?
Why is your glitter full of curious mistrust?
O glass subtle and cunning, O powdery gold!
O filaments of amber, two-faced iridescence! 

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