Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review: Komla - EP

Komla, from London, UK
This London three piece Komla call themselves “musical chameleons.” At first I had to wonder precisely what is meant by this: are the different colours that they take on with regard to tempo, genre, instrument? Or perhaps the change occurs in their audible tones or tempers?

A listen to their tunes provides an answer, giving conviction that their characteristic shifts take place in the realm of effect; that is, if the chameleon could not only change his own colour, but also the colour of his surroundings, the analogy would be complete. This band moves the listener, and, like that notorious changeable heavenly body, the moon, their shifts have wide-reaching ability to bring about change in others.

Their four-track EP is nothing if not energetic. From the escalator-ride of ‘Never Give Up,’ to the powerful nostalgic ‘That Summer,’ to the movingly reflective ‘Sold Out,’ to the hopeful ‘We Belong,’ every track is uniquely rousing. Cumulatively these tunes give the impression that their originators barely contain a bursting enthusiasm for playing and performing, for writing and recording, for engaging in the often exhausting tasks required for their chosen calling. This exuberance is a welcome divergence from the too-often encountered derision masquerading as superiority.

Komla is full of lyrical rock potential. Watch for the depth and power of this band to only increase in the future.

[This post was published originally at Quenched Music on April 6, 2013.]

KBYD April 25, 2013


Tokuta - Jungle Fire
Dancehall Afrobeat - Extra Love
Green Eyed Fool - Little Barrie
Like Cat's Eyes - Silverclub
Stranger Ways - Hokkaido Wolf
Emotion (1988) - October
It's Only Natural - The Brutal Poodles
Scarecrow - Broken Anchor
Sun Kissed Bliss - Splashh
The Broad Majestic Shannon - The Pogues
Tuesday Roots - The Lions
Country Cousins - Suzuki/Method
Sun & Moon - Johnny Marr
Redlight - The Whip
Got The Love - Average White Band
Este Bicho - Zoom-B
Wellington - Otis Heat
Kids In Place - No Art
Werewolf - Fiona Apple
Tantrum - Whitey
The Lightning Fork - Mount Fabric
Weather - Amida

Thursday, April 18, 2013

KBYD April 18, 2013

Chalupa - Jungle Fire
I'd Rather Go Blind - Dojo Cuts
Twisted Little Blades - Little Barrie
Before Questions Became - The Watchmakers
Future Spark - Sugar Army
The Messenger - Johnny Marr
Never Been Free - Honeyfeet
Baby, I'll Trust You When You're Dead - The Woggles
Undrowned - Everything Everything
Koo Koo The Bird Girl - Naymedici
Don't Turn Around - The Black Seeds
No Application - Silverclub
Crazy Solitary Bingo - Janice Graham Band
Firewalker - Jungle Fire
OneStepBeyond - Zoom-B
Wasted With A Smile - Kraak & Smaak
U Got The Power (Silverclub Remix) - Swiss Lips
Fishes And Dishes - Jim Noir
Broken Anchor Blues - Broken Anchor
Figure It Out - The Ventriloquists
Bob 'N' Weave - The Joint

Thursday, April 11, 2013

KBYD April 11, 2013


Nobody's Bulletproof - The Budos Band
Tokuta - Jungle Fire
Gutter Garter - Doc Holliday Takes The Shotgun
Everybody Loves Me the Same Way - Otis Heat
Apollo Creed - Hippy Mafia
On The Run radio edit - De Stijl
Needy Girl - Chromeo
Don't Think I Can Wait That Long - The Woggles
Valentine - Fiona Apple
Tomorrow's Horoscope - Skeleton Suite
Keep The Lights On - Wave Machines
Breakfast at Sylvia's - Skint & Demoralised
Walk - Walk
Paid In Full - Eric B. & Rakim
Stay Down - Sharp Darts
Can't Hide - Coach
The Goose - Parliament
Bedroom Highs - Buzz Kull
Nobody's Fault - The Futurenows
Bath Salts - The Chitticks
Sometimes - Professor Yaffle

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

KBYD April 4, 2013

Ocean Spook - The Swamplords
Hip Hug-Her - Booker T. And The M.G.'s
Satisfied (Part 1) - DC Fontana
Blue Water - Doves
Tomorrow's Horoscope - Skeleton Suite
Friends - Cymande
Submariner - Evil J & Saint Cecilia
Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles - Captain Beefheart
Ladykiller - Doc Holliday Takes the Shotgun
Spare Room - Autumn Owls
Sally Forgets - Redspencer
Take It To The People - The Woggles
Shame - Otis Heat
You Are - The Joint
This Garden - Jo Bywater
Going To Go - The Ventriloquists
Loose Collective - Modern Skins