Thursday, February 7, 2013

KBYD February 7, 2013

Halcyon - Delphic
Birth Of A Felony - Ballerina Black
Speak In Rounds - Grizzly Bear
Go With The Flow - Queens Of The Stone Age
Evelyn - Broken Anchor
Master Blaster (Jammin') - Stevie Wonder
SabeQue - Zoom-B
Blues #9 - GROUP
Sittin' Here Thinkin' - Eddie Taylor
Lassie - Doc Holliday Takes the Shotgun
All The Lights In New York - Autumn Owls
Kemosabe - Everything Everything
I Knew It - Silverclub
Big Bird - Flounder
Rocket - Working For A Nuclear Free City
Curves & Corners - Mount Fabric
Lucky - Lewis Taylor
Budokan - The Cactus Channel
Cassius - Foals
Alternative To Living - Kill For Company
Odessa - Caribou
Can You Feel It? - The Apples In Stereo
Going Out - Mervin Gersh
8 bit Blues (Chicago to LA to NY) - Kid Koala
Hayling - FC Kahuna

Poem (read live on air):

The Pardon
Richard Wilbur

My dog lay dead five days without a grave
In the thick of summer, hid in a clump of pine
And a jungle of grass and honeysuckle-vine.
I who had loved him while he kept alive

Went only close enough to where he was
To sniff the heavy honeysuckle-smell
Twined with another odor heavier still
And hear the flies' intolerable buzz.

Well, I was ten and very much afraid.
In my kind world the dead were out of range
And I could not forgive the sad or strange
In beast or man. My father took the spade

And buried him. Last night I saw the grass
Slowly divide (it was the same scene
But now it glowed a fierce and mortal green)
And saw the dog emerging. I confess

I felt afraid again, but still he came
In the carnal sun, clothed in a hymn of flies,
And death was breeding in his lively eyes.
I started in to cry and call his name,

Asking forgiveness of his tongueless head.
. . . I dreamt the past was never past redeeming:
But whether this was false or honest dreaming
I beg death's pardon now. And mourn the dead.

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