Thursday, January 31, 2013

KBYD January 31, 2013

Nancy Adam Susan (Shatter) - Working For A Nuclear Free City
What Would It Take - DC Fontana
Anger Management - Hunter Green
Burgundy Blues (Feat. James "The Penguin" King) - Breakestra
Living - Extra Love
Emanuel Ciccolini - The Cactus Channel
S.O.B. - Modern Alarms
OneStepBeyond - Zoom-B
Always - Broken Anchor
Jack Kerouac - The Wax Collection
Live With Me - Massive Attack
shugar - pop.hysteria.victim
Red Red Red - Fiona Apple
Sold - DeLix
Spider - Autumn Owls
Slam the Door - Turrentine Jones
Those Girls - Millions
Soft Focus - Skeleton Suite

Thursday, January 24, 2013

KBYD January 24, 2013

Whizzing Through Time & Space - Dirty Freud
Tokuta - Jungle Fire
Happy All The Time - Flatmates
Sold - DeLix
Soldiers Kiss - Gramotones
It's Better To Have It - Barbara Lynn
The Happy Valley - Rapid Pig
Satisfied, Pt. One - DC Fontana
Amp - pop.hysteria.victim
Submariner - Evil J & Saint Cecilia
The Brakes - More Trees Please
Mind of a Dreamer - The Jones Rival
Hard Steppin' - Ikebe Shakedown
Take the Stab - These New South Whales
Mammalian Locomotion - Abbe May
Kung Fu - Mervin Gersh
Swingin' Machine - Mose Allison
Stay On The Outside - Whitey
Goin' Down - The Monkees

Monday, January 21, 2013

Review: The Budos Band and Jungle Fire at the Echoplex

The Budos Band played the Echoplex on Sunday night. The New York Afro-Soul luminaries (who have put out three self-titled albums, The Budos Band I, II, and III) were powerful headliners, enlivened the full house of diverse and eager fans to dance (which movement was partly provoked by the band's aggressive Brooklyn-accented exhortations to the audience). The sound was thunderous, the sound was 70s cop movies, it was early soul, it was classic psychedelica, it was funky disco with conga. Most importantly, it was delivered with gritty New York determination; aggressive, with soulful edges.

As unprepared as I was for the excellence of the performance of The Budos Band, the real surprise of the evening was Jungle Fire. An even greater (and more delightful) shock came when they said they are from Los Angeles. Featuring between nine and twelve members, the Latin/Afro/Funk/Soul group started strong with a disco-esque latin number and continued powerfully throughout their set. The percussion section, featuring three musicians who interchanged instruments with expertise, was unspeakably tight. Not to be overshadowed, the impressive drummer anchored the entire group as they traversed complicated rhythms with not only ease, but evident joy. Funky bass lines and guitar riffs together with expert sax, trumpet, trombone and the occasional flute gave the collective a seamless, conquering power.

It is Booker T meets Northern Soul (think David Coleman - "Drown My Heart") meets the JBs meets Phirpo y sus Caribes. It is the most danceable, most shockingly irresistible and most real music I have heard in a long time. They have a vinyl 45 out, with new recordings (hopefully) on the way, but his band is just beginning. Watch for them. And in the meantime go see them live if you can.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

KBYD January 17, 2013

Sushi - The Black Paths
Walk On The Wildside (Lou Reed Cover) - Jez Kerr
Sudden Impact! - Big Audio Dynamite
Vessel - Lionize
Concrete Jungle - Wailers
Mind Over Mouth - Kill For Company
When We Were Young - Gaoler's Daughter
Before Questions Became (Demo) - The Watchmakers
Periphery - Fiona Apple
No Means Yeah - New Brutalists
My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains - Captain Beefheart
Southern Belles in London Sing - The Faint
The Lightning Fork - Mount Fabric
Talking At The Same Time - Tom Waits
Little Tiger - Tune-Yards
Never Be Free - Lyres
Train To The West - AAAK [As Able As Kane]
Taurus Chorus - Abbe May
With A Love Like That - Conquistador
You Fascinate Me - The Offs
Nirvana for Mice - Henry Cow
Mermaids - I Am Kloot

Thursday, January 10, 2013

KBYD January 10, 2013

Didn't Try - Silverclub
Quickball - Honeyfeet
City Lights - DeLix
Final Form - Everything Everything
Before Questions Became (Demo) - The Watchmakers
Black Eyes - Lost Souls
Maybe Your Baby - Stevie Wonder
Alcoholic - Starsailor
Embryo - I See Angels
Talking At The Same Time - Tom Waits
All Your Gold - Bat For Lashes
Fire Song - New Brutalists
LovePower - Julie Gordon
My Rifle, My Pony and Me - Ricky Nelson, Dean Martin
NOL - Hunter Green
Frostbite - The Black Seeds
Aye - The Joint
Look For The Sun - Iron Butterfly
Bugs - Lionize
Valentine - Fiona Apple
A New Error - Moderat
Airbrushed - Fake Blood
Mad Hatter - Masters In France
Old devils - William Elliott Whitmore

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

KBYD January 2, 2013

Shinobi - Humanizer
Are You Magnetic - Faker
Silver Spoons - Evil J and Saint Cecilia
Grace Kelly Blues - Eels
I Hope - The Moods
Try It Again - The Hives
Dangerous - Faker
She's Medieval - Myth And Tropics
Greyhounds - Masters in France
I Disappear - Buzz Kull
Meshkalina - DC Fontana
Meth Lab Zoso Sticker - 7Horse
Dansette -  Taser Puppets
Tee Pee - The Murlocs
Krang - Rapids
Useless - I Know Leopard
Walking Dead - Puressence
Songs We Used To Dance To - Voo
Remote Control - Silverclub