Saturday, December 28, 2013

KBYD December 28, 2013


Wilder Penfield - Dead Sea Apes & Black Tempest
Ghost in the Rain - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
Cordelia - Gaoler's Daughter
Be Cruel Be Kind - Suzuki Method
Lola - Raymon Lazer Trio
It Was Early One Morning - Lead Belly
Yeah Yeah Yeah - The Minders
Baby Please Don't Go - Muddy Waters
Love Crusade - Phil Judd
Road to Calais - Hanami
Love Comes Calling - Head Soundz
Anger Management - Hunter Green
All I Know - Honeyfeet
Funky Buddha - Red Star
Love Rocket - New Killer Shoes
It's Only Natural - Brutal Poodles
Fierce - Philip Quinn & The Vanguards
Black Milk (Deli-Kutt Remix) -  Renegades Of Jazz
Bandit - Death to the Strange
Nancy Adam Susan (Shatter) - Working for a Nuclear Free City
A Good Idea - Sugar
Like Cat's Eyes - Silverclub
It's In The Blood - Sugar Army
909it - DNCN

Friday, December 13, 2013

KBYD December 13, 2013


Yo Todo Y Tu Yo - The Rugged Nuggets
Transfer - Skeleton Suite
True Love Will Find You In the End - Daniel Johnston
King Confidence - Blended Brew
No Machine - WE//ARE//ANIMAL
On the Ride - Simple Citizens
Carnival - Janice Graham Band
Kwamununga - Jagari Chanda
Flatlining - The Amazing Snakeheads
Pogo - Digitalism
Restless - The Balcony Stars
Hearts Don't Break - Ida
The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore - P.J. Harvey
Infinity Calls - Letters To Fiesta
Fun In The Snow - The Wax Collection
Love Crusade - Phil Judd
Counting The Beat - The Swingers
Standing on a Lamppost - Dirty North
All Kingdoms Fall - Head Soundz
Rolling Around - Honeyfeet
Dooyo - Dur-Dur Band
Creatures - I Know The Chief
Keep A Secret - The Whitest Boy Alive

Friday, December 6, 2013

KBYD December 6, 2013


The Only One - Orgone
One Man Brawl - I Am Kloot
You Can Dance - Janice Graham Band
Future Spark - Sugar Army
Chaperone - The Red Lights
Stay Coloured - I Know The Chief
Mr Thousand Pound Man - The Hippy Mafia
Another Song - Honeyfeet
Sunny - Jim Noir
Walk Away - The Harpoons
Hoola - Archie Bronson Outfit
3 For Stevie - Simple Citizens
High Low - Designer Mutts
City of Angles - The Ten Thousand
Red Red Red - Fiona Apple
Tears Apart - Letters to Fiesta
Strangelet - Suzuki Method
Flight - The Sweet Apes
Frostbite - The Black Seeds

Friday, November 29, 2013

KBYD November 29, 2013


Mediocre Poetry - Skeleton Suite
Comencemos (Let's Start) - Jungle Fire
Head Spins - Dead Beat Band
Hey You - The Hairem
Cruel Summer - Black Marble
Visions and Lights - Buzz Kull
Look Away - 2 of Clubs
Shadows - Honeyfeet
Blood Fever - The Chitticks
Time Machine - She Drew The Gun
Fire - 12 Dirty Bullets
Stars - Andy Whitaker
City Lights - DeLix
Panther Dash - The Go! Team
Bob N Weave - The Joint
Switchblade - The Ventriloquists
In Your Brain - Monophonics
Nostalgia - The Chameleons
Dover - Loli Jackson
Silky Filter - The Moods
Hit - The Sugarcubes
Firewalker - Jungle Fire
Sun Shines Underwater - Jo Bywater
Push Me On - Doves

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review: Jungle Fire at the Echoplex

On November 9, three bands came together to play at the Echoplex in Los Angeles. The latter two, Monophonics and Orgone, were powerfully impressive bands in their own right. The first, Jungle Fire, has been making waves in Southern California for two years with their latin afro-beat jazz funk reggae dance soul nigh-indescribable sound.

What is this band that almost accidentally occurred when several musicians with strange auditory tastes got into the same room back in 2011 just for a one-off, but now is about to tour the United Kingdom? Well there's a lot of things that they are not. Despite the perfection of their horn section and the clear influence of African and South American musical traditions, this is not by any means what one would call "world music." And further, there's no fusion about it. This is not a novelty, not a niche, not a cunningly orchestrated repackaging of some hidden gem from some exotic part of the world (although clearly these musicians have done their homework and have in their souls and their skin and their bones rhythms from far away places).

So what is it? It seems the difficulty in giving Jungle Fire's music an accurate description is caused at least in part by the fact that this really is a genuinely new kind of music.

Immediately after seeing them for the first time last January at this same venue when they opened for Budos Band, I wrote a review in my almost inarticulable awe at their tangible power.  Having seen them several times in the LA areas--twice at the Del Monte Speakeasy, once at the Echo, and now twice at the Echoplex--I think they're just now finding their sound. This recent show on November 9 had a power, an easy strength unseen in earlier shows, although all their performances have given evidence of musical prowess and a firm precision among the band members. The addition of a nearly-psychadelic guitar background to the funk afro/latin beat percussion and bass has completed the sonorous structure and promises to be a rock upon which future composers and musical minds seeking for influences will anchor their own creations.  The band is terribly tight, and not only are they superb musicians, but their enjoyment of what they are doing captures an audience instantly. All these musicians show sprezzatura, an effortless precision, a freedom of musical movement that has the underpinnings of studied excellence. The sound is infectious, and it's not overstating the case to say that everyone who has seen them live has the sense of witnessing a change in the future of music.

"Comencemos," a cover of Fela Kuti's "Let's Start," has made the rounds among noted djs in LA clubs. Media attention steadily grows. My personal favorite is without question Firewalker; when I first heard them play this at the Echoplex my jaw dropped at the powerful funk-disco bassline under the latin-flavored guitar, percussion and horns. Already this tune has had some play in the UK on radio stations, featured on Canadian music blogger's well-perused page, and has raised some clamorous response from some knowledgeable people in the overseas music crowd. And recordings aside, this band's live shows have been gathering a following that has been visibly increasing in numbers, exuberance, and influence.

With two 7" single releases out on Colemine ("Comencemos" and "Firewalker"), Jungle Fire is working on a full length LP, but in the meantime is headed to the UK this week to play the following dates:

November 29 - Bangor, UK - Hendre Hall
November 30 - Manchester, UK - Band On The Wall
December 1 - Birmingham, UK - Hare & Hounds
December 3 - Colchester, UK - Colchester Arts Centre
December 4 - London, UK - 229 The Venue
December 5 - Bristol, UK - Fiddlers Club
December 6 - Newcastle, UK - Hoochie Coochie
December 7 - Leeds, UK - The Wardrobe

Tour details can be found at the Jungle Fire website. If you are in the UK and can make any of these dates, I strongly encourage you to go see them. It is a new sound, it is an impossibly, irrepressibly danceable show to see, it is an evening you will brag about for decades. Jungle Fire are going to change the planet.

Friday, November 22, 2013

KBYD November 22, 2013


Tears of a Savage Master - Dirty Freud
Ghost in the Rain - Shawn Lee Ping Pong Orchestra
Commiserations - Hot Vestry
Harlequin - Honeyfeet
South Carolina - Tennis
Garsore Waa Ilaah - Dur-Dur Band
No Application - Silverclub
Wandering Star - The Laurels
Going Once Going Twice - Ramona Falls
Every Single Night - Fiona Apple
Afuera - Jaguares
Heart's Content - Sugar Army
When I'm Dead - The Dead Heads
Commencemos (Let's Start) - Jungle Fire
Unrecognizable Blues - Designer Mutts
Salamander Man - Phil Judd
Oulie Ouliye - Sir William Charles
Sum Space - Jez Kerr
Cecilia - Thomas Dybdahl
She's Going Down - Balcony Stars
Garlon on the Yarra - Claws and Organs
Zafari - Ethio-cali

Friday, November 15, 2013

KBYD November 15, 2013


Mirage - Monophonics
Do Your Thing - Orgone
Boom - Taser Puppets
Stand - The Woggles
Swampland - The Scientists
Did You Pay Cash For That Panic Attack? - Royal Chant
Tokuta - Jungle Fire
Californyeah - !!! (Chk Chk Chk)
I Can Tell - Bo Diddley
Lone Ranger - Orgone
Your Conversations Lack Any Substance (Whale Song) - The Dead Heads
Buried My Husband - Honeyfeet
Cemetery Polka - Tom Waits
Suicidal Vampires - Lunatics on Pogosticks
This Garden - Jo Bywater
Heal - Shoot The Rabbit
Dreaming - Dead Saints
Love Yourself - John Lever
Bambi - Suuns
In Your Brain - Monophonics
Firewalker - Jungle Fire

Friday, November 8, 2013

KBYD November 8, 2013


Burgundy Blues - Breakestra
Firewalker - Jungle Fire
Be In Here - Orgone
Numb - Hey Bulldog
Spooky House - Kittentank
What A Shame - The Strypes
Just Waiting For You To Come - The Wild Reeds
Sun Shines Underwater - Jo Bywater
Sloth - Skeleton Suite
Circuits - The Ventriloquists
Haunting at 1300 McKinley - The Black Angels
Help You Be Yourself - The Good Morrows
Bellevue (Live) - Royal Chant
Blood Clot - Lunatics on Pogosticks
The Vigilance - Orgone
There's A Riot Going On - Monophonics
Boom - Taser Puppets
You Asked For The Moon And You Got It - Suzuki Method
Bad For My Body - Deap Vally
Regret - Fiona Apple
You Invented Horror - The Relays
Breakfast At Sylvia's - Skint And Demoralized
The Last Fool - Orgone

Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday show canceled this week

Sadly this week's regular live Friday KBYD show has to be canceled. . . but we'll be back next week! How about you check out last week's playlist and listen to the recording instead?

Friday, October 25, 2013

KBYD October 25, 2013


Tsunami - The Rugged Nuggets
New Nowhere - Royal Chant
Turtle Blues - Big Brother and the Holding Company
Sitting Inside My Head - Supergroove
Flame Thrower - The Chills
Sign On - Death to the Strange
Chimera - Snakadaktal
Strangelet - Suzuki Method
Vampires - Letters to Fiesta
Nathan's Phase - The Chameleons
Red Pencil - Ballerina Black
Paperback - Claws and Organs
Funky Buddha - Red Star
Castle Street Blues - Dead Saints
Cracks In Our Crown - The Black Seeds
John Travolta - Rawcuss
They Don't Understand - Monophonics
Forever and A Day - Blind Arcade
How Do You Know - Gaoler's Daughter
Zimbabwe (Flume Remix) - New Navy
Static Glow (1984) - Buzz Kull
The Isle Not of Man - The Mother Hips

Friday, October 18, 2013

KBYD October 18, 2013


Pharmakon - Dead Sea Apes
Lake of the Moon - Hot Vestry
Doris...Is A Little Bit Partial - Flowered Up
Darker - Doves
Listen to Music - Modern Skins
Love Vibrations - Extra Love
You've Got Me Wonderin Now - Paraquet Courts
Paper Nest - Death to the Strange
Giulia Mon Amour - Calibro 35
Swan Girl - Letters to Fiesta
Berlin - OhBoy!
Echo Planes - Buzz Kull
Suaves Grey - Ballerina Black
Syndrome - Royal Chant
Universal Prayer (Featuring Howard Marks), Greg "The Legend" Wilson Remix - Kermit
Bullet - The Herbert Bail Orchestra
Detach - Sugar Army
Statue Still - Voo
March of the Caterpillar - RX Bandits
Love Issue - The Rebirth
Ready To Go Steady - The Go! Team
Majesty - Warpaint
Firewalker - Jungle Fire

Friday, October 11, 2013

KBYD October 11, 2013


Knowledge and Coversation - Dead Sea Apes
Ice Age - Higsons
Rivers - Black City Lights
Black And White Town - Doves
Blood Clot - Lunatics on Pogosticks
Left Hand - Crowded House
1880 - The Pack AD
Beetles - Warpaint
Magpie Song - One Mile An Hour
Imaginary Lover - Phil Judd
Maybe - Split Enz
Letter (Unmailed) - The Del-Lords
Rosie - Dead Saints
Breakfast Dub - Simple Citizens
Dead Leg - Pajama Club
Push - Kill For Company
Invisible Man - Gaoler's Daughter
At Night - The Black Angels
Dead-Beat - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
Left Alone - Fiona Apple
Summertime Heavy - Sugar Army
Country Cousins - Suzuki Method
Window Pane - Tarmac Adam
Never Coming Back - The Joint
Right Beside Your Morning - The Wax Collection
Mend and Make Safe - And So I Watched You From Afar
Blue Water - Doves

Friday, October 4, 2013

KBYD October 4, 2013


Still - Dead Sea Apes
That's A Damn Fine Cliché - Sugar Army
High Acetate - Rival Schools
Dead Birds - The Balcony Stars
Suicidal Vampires - Lunatics On Pogosticks
Skeleton - The Front Bottoms
Cut And Dry - Gaoler's Daughter
Whitehorses - Die! Die! Die!
It's Too Late I'm Awake Already - Jack R Reilly
Be Cruel, Be Kind - Suzuki Method
Pair Of Wings - Frankie Rose
Raindrop Blues - The Bluebottle Veins
Goodnight - Bloods
Bumper - John Lever
Street Sweeper - The Grease Traps
Bigger Than Kiss - Teenage Bottlerocket
Bugs - Lionize
Uh Oh - The Bicycle Boys
Jager Yoga - CSS
Can't Get Enough - Supergroove
Daredevil - Fiona Apple
Whether You're Right - LABJACD

Friday, September 27, 2013

KBYD September 27, 2013


Chalupa - Jungle Fire
The Junk Keeps Piling Up - Higsons
The Greatest Lie Ever Told - Puppet Rebellion
Strangelet - Suzuki Method
P.O.W.E.R. - She Rex
Shadrach - Beastie Boys
Under Different Stars - The Relays
Valentine - Fiona Apple
6.0 - Bouts
(Mama) He Treats Your Daughter Mean - Koko Taylor
Peace - Shakedown Stockholm
Wisdom - The Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Search - Swimmers
Restless - The Balcony Stars
This Is How It Feels - Inspiral Carpets
Cobrastyle - Teddybears
Man of the House - Claws and Organs
Baby How Long - Howlin' Wolf
Stay On The Outside - Whitey
Sandstorm - Orgone

Saturday, September 21, 2013

KBYD September 21, 2013


Tsunami - The Rugged Nuggets
It's Time Tonight - Orgone
Making This Hard - Love Migrate
Cooking Water - The Clean
Weather The Weather - The Postmarks
Strange Beast - Evil J and Saint Cecilia
Bad For My Body - Deap Vally
Love Rocket (Acoustic) - New Killer Shoes
Fester - Dutch Uncles
Never Come Around - La Sera
Quarantine - Autumn Owls
Nowadays A Woman's Gotta Hit A Man - Captain Beefheart
Feel Alive - John Lever
I Declare A Disco - Sizer Myrics
High Low - Designer Mutts
London - Sparklehorse
You Mean The World To Me - The Forgotten Saints
Indiana - The Chameleons
Deception - Monophonics
Mr. Wrong - Cracker
Eternal Bliss - Gaoler's Daughter
Sunsetter - Ghost Wave

Friday, September 20, 2013

Show postponed until Saturday

From Cassandra: "We have to postpone the KBYD show until tomorrow. Sorry! Keep the suggestions coming!"

Friday, September 13, 2013

KBYD September 13, 2013


Meshkalina (Afro Dub) - DC Fontana
Black and White - Kill for Company
Good Time Girls - 12 Dirty Bullets
Backseat - Carina Round
Manchester News - Rawcuss
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh - Say Hi
Commiserations - Hot Vestry
Drink and the Devil - Death to the Strange
500 Years - Extra Love
Say You Love Me - Monophonics
Pig Pen - In Quarantine We Trust
Bury It Down Low - RX Bandits
Never Been Free - Honeyfeet
Silky Filter - The Moods
Cardinal Rule - The Pack AD
The Station - Eaten By Dogs
I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart - Eels
Kelen Ati Leen - The Souljazz Orchestra
New Nowhere - Royal Chant
Big Dipper - Cracker
To The Mountain - Rapid Pig
On The Run - Destijl
Spun - Brian Jonestown Massacre
Composure - Warpaint

Thursday, September 5, 2013

KBYD September 5, 2013


That's It - Eddie Harris
Boogie Blessed - Breakestra
Pippy Pip - The Black Seeds
When The Time Is Right - I See Angels
3 Days Rain - Gaoler's Daughter
Juneteenth - The Ten Thousand
I Couldn't Say It To Your Face - Arthur Russell
Milk & Honey - The Wax Collection
Doing Me Wrong - Orgone
Wake Up! - Extra Love
Lake Of The Moon - Hot Vestry
You Asked For The Moon And You Got It - Suzuki Method
I Disappear - Buzz Kull
Love Issue - The Rebirth
He's Gonna Step On You Again (LP Version) - John Kongos
Rainbow - Mahalo
The Scream Before the Silence - The Ventriloquists
Black Hole - Shawn Lee
Hospital Song - Francolin
You Played Your Part, Singer! - Sebastian Dangerfield
Things I Wish I'd Said - The Chameleons
Its Only Real - Secret of Life

Saturday, August 31, 2013

KBYD August 31, 2013


All Tomorrow's Parties - The Reegs
Gebbie Street - DZ Deathrays
I Woke Up Dreaming - Lydia Lunch
Tears Apart - Letters To Fiesta
Strangelet - Suzuki Method
Bloodhounds On My Trail - The Black Angels
Varnish - Hot Vestry
How To Make Time - Gaoler's Daughter
Get By - The Secret of Life
Double Act - Day Ravies
When I Get To Heaven - Francolin
Stray Away - The Rebirth
Find A Fool, Bump Her Head - Koko Taylor
Thanks For Nothing - Paul Conrad
Militant Millicent - Andy Whitaker
One Minute One - Voo
Departure - Crystal Stilts
Happy Boy - Gold Fields
Don't Let Go - George Duke
Brown Rice - Don Cherry

Saturday, August 24, 2013

KBYD August 24, 2013


Death to Snowboy - Honeyfeet
Bloom - Buzz Kull
Statuettes - Letters to Fiesta
Missing Boy - The Durutti Column
Nightlight - Hercules in NY
Mushrooms - Kurasawa Club
We Have a Visual - Polygon Palace
Tokuta - Jungle Fire
Heaven - Ebo Taylor
The Sun Is Ours - Janice Graham Band
Truckload of Art - Cracker
Bullet - The Herbert Bail Orchestra
Backseat - Carina Round
The Vigilance - Orgone
Deadfoot - Coach
You Are - The Joint
Love Issue - The Rebirth
Swimwear - Hey!Hello!.
Caught - The Pryor Theory
I Need Some Money - Eddie Harris
Ask For The Moon (Adam Suzuki Remix) - Suzuki Method
Ride - The Pack AD
No Reply - The Lions
Leave - Tarmac Adam
Baby Please Don't Leave Me - Junior Kimbrough
Mr. Clean - Freddie Hubbard

Saturday, August 17, 2013

KBYD August 17, 2013


Knowledge and Conversation - Dead Sea Apes
Dollar From A Dime - Lionize
Visions & Lights - Buzz Kull
As You Leave - The Reegs
The Scream Before The Silence - The Ventriloquists
Jungle Struttin' - The Lions
Bled To Be Free (The Operation) - RX Bandits
Tsunami - The Rugged Nuggets
Chemical Friends - Puppet Rebellion
Lies and Other Fools (read by Howard Marks) - Kermit
Golden - Blue-Eyed Son
Staring at the Rude Boys - The Ruts
Fly - Apex
Tokuta - Jungle Fire
Rudeworld - The Red-Eyes
Walk On By (feat. Noelle Scaggs) - The Decoders
Melody - MISO
Miracles and Wonders - The Chameleons
Limitations - Black Marble
Blood Drip - Dexter Story
Kiss Me - Tom Waits

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Saturday Show again this week

A reminder from Cassie that KBYD will air on Saturday again this week. Join us in the chat!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

KBYD August 10, 2013


Soy Dios - Dead Sea Apes
Dragon Prowl - Free Moral Agents
She's Going Down - The Balcony Stars
Shock Your Feet - DeLix
Friendly Fires - Section 25
The Room - Purple Heart Parade
Paris Is Bored - Mark Spence
Minsato Le Mi Dayihome - Orchestre Poly-Rythmo
Loose Cartilage - The Black Seeds
My Autumn's Done Come - Lee Hazlewood
Mediocre Poetry - Skeleton Suite
One Girl One Knife - The Ruminaters
Kwamununga - Jagari Chanda
Old Man From London - Frazer King
Firewalker - Jungle Fire
It Tolls For Thee - The Bicycle Boys
Uncertainty - Jagwar Ma
Girls - Death in Vegas
Maybe The Boy Who Cried Wolf Was Just Paranoid - Sugar Army
Management Stinks - Lost Generation
Totally Wired - The Fall
Sweet Rene - Zach Deputy
I Don't Want Nobody - Eddie Harris
More Love - Extra Love
Purple Aki - Suzuki Method
Flight of the Ancients - Shaolin Afronauts

Saturday, August 3, 2013

KBYD August 3, 2013


Heliopause - Dead Sea Apes
Sad Chicken - Breakestra
Firewalker - Jungle Fire
Ené Nègn Bay Manèsh - Girma Bèyènè
Purr - Sonic Youth
Bob 'N' Weave - The Joint
Rhinohead - Von Sudenfed
Think (About It) - The Lions
Police and Thieves - Junior Murvin
Trustafarian - Lionize
Stranger Ways - Hokkaido Wolf
Not Enough - Kill For Company
Sloth - Skeleton Suite
Shadows - Donavon Frankenreiter
Make Up Your Mind - The New Mastersounds
Imaginary Lover - Phil Judd
How Do You Know - Gaoler's Daughter
All Around - The Chameleons
Big Dipper - Cracker
Everyday - The Del-Lords

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Saturday show again this week

Catch KBYD on the weekend again this Saturday at 10:00 am in Los Angeles, 6:00 pm in Liverpool, and 3:00 am (Sunday) in Labrador!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

KBYD July 27, 2013


Sushi - The Black Paths
Strange Feeling (DeLix Refresh) - Flowers Groove
Torso of the Week - Everything Everything
How Dogs Behave - Philip Quinn and the Vanguards
Dark and Stormy Weather - JJ Cale
Kursk - Kntrlr
The Door - The Wands
Yo Todo Y Tu Yo - The Rugged Nuggets
Kwamununga - Jagari Chanda
Chalupa - Jungle Fire
Forces - The Brutal Poodles
You Got It All - The New Mastersounds
Diggin on James Brown - Tower of Power
Circuits - The Ventriloquists
Ethio-Steppers - The Lions
Spring Rain - The Go-Betweens

Saturday, July 20, 2013

KBYD July 20, 2013


Dusk Till Dawn - Nedry
Walk On The Wild Side - Jez Kerr
Firesuite - Doves
Russia - Fat Freddy's Drop
Sulpher Lights - Running Guns
Tom Jones - Movits!
Hard Steppin - Ikebe Shakedown
Salamander - Phil Judd
Alphaville - Working For A Nuclear Free City
Falling Deeper - Makaras Pen
Pacifying Joint - The Fall
That's What I Told You - Jagari Chanda
It's Time Tonight - Orgone
Take You There - Kittentank
Ethio - Shawn Lee Ping Pong Orchestra
She Never Finds - The Whip Hand
Far Away - Conics
Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) - David Bowie
Turn To Vices - The Chameleons

Sunday, July 14, 2013

KBYD July 13, 2013


Mother Mother - Fat Freddy's Drop
Michael - Milk Teddy
Jigsaw - Sugar Army
Mediocre Poetry - Skeleton Suite
Talking At The Same Time - Tom Waits
Statement of Vindication - Bikini Kill
My Beloved Monster - Eels
Tokuta (Grant Phabao Remix feat. Soul Sugar) - Jungle Fire
Hurry Back, Good News - Clarence Gatemouth Brown
Cairo Cairo - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
Silky Filter - The Moods Manchester
Whether Youre Right (Radio Edit) - LABJACD
Loose Cartilage - The Black Seeds
Doing Me Wrong - Orgone
Get Free - Major Lazer feat. Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors
Sun Zoom Spark - Captain Beefheart
Counting the Beat - The Swingers
Looking Inwardly - The Chameleons

Thursday, July 4, 2013

KBYD July 4, 2013


In The Zoo - The Black Paths
Country Cousins - Suzuki Method
Gonna Make My Own Money - Deap Vally
My LCA (Little Box of Magic) - Githead
The Tape - Working For A Nuclear Free City
I Can Hear It When You Sing - Milk Teddy
Circumspect Penelope - Look Blue Go Purple
Apollo Creed - The Hippy Mafia
Only Man - Audio Bullys
Lookout - Orgone
Little Bob - Black Grape
Something Real - Secret of Life
Push Me On - Doves
Jelly Legs - Children Collide
Circe - Ruby Tingle
Impersonator - Majical Cloudz
Things I Wish I'd Said - The Chameleons
Unconvinced - Autumn Owls
Like Cat's Eyes - Silverclub
Thanks For The Tourniquet - Rubberneck Lions

Thursday, June 27, 2013

KBYD June 27, 2013


Yèkèrmo Sèw - Mulatu Astatqé
Overtime - Orgone
Shock Your Feet - DeLix
Wounded - Skeleton Suite
I Disappear - Buzz Kull
On The Run - Destijl
Hearts Content - Sugar Army
Paradiso - The Chameleons UK
Did You Pay Cash for That Panic Attack? - Royal Chant
Face To The Highway - Tom Waits
Lassie - Doc Holiday Takes the Shotgun
To Disappear - Kill For Company
Going To Go - The Ventriloquists
Get By - The Secret Of Life
When All Your Love Is Not Enough - Kira Puru & The Bruise
Country Cousins - Suzuki Method

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

KBYD June 18, 2013


Tsunami - Rugged Nuggets
Boondigga - Fat Freddy's Drop
Hollywood - Hunter Green
Circuits - The Ventriloquists
Plastic Factory - Captain Beefheart
St. Peter - Gaoler's Daughter
Shades - The Chameleons
Violation - The Boscos
The Last Fool - Orgone
Catch a Fire - Mojo Juju and the Snake Oil Merchants
Firestarter - Jungle Fire
Mi Gente - LABJACD
Living the Circle - The Child of Lov
Two Sides of the Truth - Public Opinion Afro Orchestra
Unrecognizable Blues - Designer Mutts
A Good Idea - Sugar
Hydraulic Bottlejacks - Andy Whitaker
Mesosphere - Letters to Fiesta
City Lights - DeLix
Under The Wave - The Hyena Kill

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

KBYD June 11, 2013


The Cosmic Emporium - I See Angels
Firewalker - Jungle Fire
Little Bit Of Soul - Busted Onions
Flight of the Ancients - The Shaolin Afronauts
Luz - Chico Mann
I Can't Explain - Destijl
Whether You're Right - LABJACD
Friend Or Foe - Chantal Mitvalsky
Mediocre Poetry - Skeleton Suite
I Won't Let You Down - Audio Bullys
High Low - Designer Mutts
No Ordinary Love - Hunter Green
Living - Extra Love
Drunk On The Funk - Neighbour
Do The Du - A Certain Ratio
Predators - Golden Young
The Irish Keep Gate-Crashing - The Thrills

Thursday, June 6, 2013

KBYD June 6, 2013


Chalupa - Jungle Fire
Will You Follow - Sugar Army
Anger Management - Hunter Green
Gabriel's Strut Dub - The Black Seeds
Ernie - Fat Freddy's Drop
Sense of Humour - Phil Judd
Indiana - The Chameleons
Myth - Beach House
Frightened - The Fall
Dangerous Lands - The Chameleons
Dounia - Rokia Traore
Aynotchesh Yerèfu - Samuel Belay
Jungle Struttin - The Lions
Switchblade - The Ventriloquists
Lose - Chico Mann
Zafari - Ethio-Cali
Used To Be Dub - Hollie Cook
Walk On The Wild Side - Jimmy Smith
Flying to Berlin - Savages
The Only One - Orgone

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: The Ventriloquists at The Mint

[the ventriloquists]
The Ventriloquists
On Friday May 24th at The Mint in Los Angeles The Ventriloquists performed a set of moving tunes to an enthusiastic audience. I felt it a privilege to witness their live show in the sophisticated yet accessible aura that this venue spreads about the musical acts that traverses its stage. Initially the performance was impressive, simply from the visual impact that five multi-instrumental musicians on stage is able to wield.

Upon hearing the successive tunes, however, rich in their lyrical depth and in their textured melodic and harmonic layers, I was won over through my ears. The Ventriloquists shape a kind of poetry in sound and sense full of lament and celebration, angst and consummation. Sometimes aggressive, with nip and nibble of acerbic wit, sometimes soothingly haunting in their jazz-infused energy, always playful, always intriguing, these tunes make an impact. What these talented musicians are making are songs that people will sing and not forget.

This band admits that they are hard to classify, writing and playing tunes that they share a love for, rather than consciously making their music fit into an already-established category. They call themselves Americana, but even that designation seems too narrow. One song sounds like a slow James Brown number, another like Radiohead with horns, another (at moments) somewhat like Sigur Ros backing Fishbone. And ultimately, even their own tentative suggestion that some have said they are perhaps most similar to The Band with a sturdy horn section fails to convey an accurate adumbration of what one will experience in witnessing this group in their unfiltered glory.

Upon listening, one is struck with the feeling that this band which has been in existence for over five years is just now finding footing musically, stone steady in confidence while entirely avoiding any possibility of petrification.

Get their album, Bailout!, and go see them live when you get a chance. You will find them unlike any band you've seen before.