Saturday, December 29, 2012

KBYD December 29, 2012

In The Zoo - The Black Paths
Summertime Heavy - Sugar Army
Submariner - Evil J and Saint Cecilia
Well, Well, Well - The Woodentops
Gutter Garter - Doc Holliday Takes the Shotgun
Mexican Roadtrip - Glitter Canyon
City of Love - Stalagmites
That Was My Girl - Funkadelic
Let It Bleed - Goat
Until I'm Cold - The KVB
Pretender - Black Marble
Playin' With My Friends - Masters in France
Bad As Me - Tom Waits
Graffiti On The Skyline - Faker
Remote Dreams - Buzz Kull
Under Your Mushroom - The Stems
Whisky - The Angry Dead Pirates
Closer - Death to the Strange
Precious - The Jam
Terminal Boredom - The Cute Lepers
Remedy - Lionize
Sloth - Skeleton Suite

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From Sonnets At Christmas
Allen Tate (Sonnet I)

Again the native hour lets down the locks
Uncombed and black, but gray the bobbing beard;
Ten years ago His eyes, fierce shuttlecocks,
Pierced the close net of what I failed: I feared
The belly-cold, the grave-clout, that betrayed
Me dithering in the drift of cordial seas;
Ten years are time enough to be dismayed
By mummy Christ, head crammed between his knees.
Suppose I take an arrogant bomber, stroke
By stroke, up to the frazzled sun to hear
Sun-ghostlings whisper: Yes, the capital yoke—
Remove it and there’s not a ghost to fear
This crucial day, whose decapitate joke
Languidly winds into the inner ear.

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