Thursday, November 1, 2012

KBYD November 1, 2012

Minimum Wage - Silverclub
Never Been Free - Honeyfeet
Three Cool Chicks -'s
Fallen Flower (Buzz Kull Cover) - Black Zeros
Big Boss Man - Koko Taylor
My Attorney Bernie - Dave Frishberg
You Been Lyin' - Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears
Castle Street Blues - Dead Saints
Every Single Night - Fiona Apple
Flowers - Honeyfeet
The Kill - Shakedown Stockholm
Pale Blue River - Jerzey Street Band
Goin' Mad Blues - John Lee Hooker
Tapioca - New Navy
Wounded - Skeleton Suite
Doctor - INXS
No Means Yeah - New Brutalists
Eyes Of The World - Grateful Dead
When All Your Love Is Not Enough - Kira Puru & The Bruise
Lost Control - Buzz Kull

Poem (read in both English and Latin(!) on air):

from Aeneid IV (trans. Dryden)

Dido's nocturnal restlessness

'Twas dead of night, when weary bodies close
Their eyes in balmy sleep and soft repose:
The winds no longer whisper thro' the woods,
Nor murm'ring tides disturb the gentle floods.
The stars in silent order mov'd around;
And Peace, with downy wings, was brooding on the ground
The flocks and herds, and party-color'd fowl,
Which haunt the woods, or swim the weedy pool,
Stretch'd on the quiet earth, securely lay,
Forgetting the past labors of the day.
All else of nature's common gift partake:
Unhappy Dido was alone awake.
Nor sleep nor ease the furious queen can find;
Sleep fled her eyes, as quiet fled her mind.
Despair, and rage, and love divide her heart;
Despair and rage had some, but love the greater part.

Nox erat, et placidum carpebant fessa soporem
corpora per terras, silvaeque et saeva quierant
aequora: cum medio volvuntur sidera lapsu,
cum tacet omnis ager, pecudes pictaeque volucres,
quaeque lacus late liquidos, quaeque aspera dumis
rura tenent, somno positae sub nocte silenti
lenibant curas, et corda oblita laborum.
At non infelix animi Phoenissa, nec umquam
Solvitur in somnos, oculisve aut pectore noctem
accipit: ingeminant curae, rursusque resurgens
saevit amor, magnoque irarum fluctuat aestu. (ll. 522-532)

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