Thursday, September 6, 2012

KBYD September 6, 2012

Chicken Pox - Booker T. And The M.G.'s
Zimbabwe - New Navy
Telephone - The Black Angels
Storm Warning - I Am Kloot
Tell Me What You Want - Pajama Club
Quickball - Honeyfeet
Drink and the Devil - Death To The Strange
Popcorn - Bored Nothing
Bali Thailand Sydney America - Shellsuit
A Who Responsible - Steel Pulse
Family Tree - Coach
Time Plays Its Part - Blind Atlas
Go Round Twice - Crystal Grenade
My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains - Captain Beefheart
Steal Money - The Belligerents
Runaway - Gemma Ray
Joy Killer - Ballerina Black
Sunday Afternoon - The Black Angels
Nothing Better Than The English Weather - Skeleton Suite
She - Rik Warren


by John Donne

BLASTED with sighs, and surrounded with tears,
Hither I come to seek the spring,
And at mine eyes, and at mine ears,
Receive such balms as else cure every thing.
But O ! self-traitor, I do bring
The spider Love, which transubstantiates all,
And can convert manna to gall ;
And that this place may thoroughly be thought
True paradise, I have the serpent brought.

'Twere wholesomer for me that winter did
Benight the glory of this place,
And that a grave frost did forbid
These trees to laugh and mock me to my face ;
But that I may not this disgrace
Endure, nor yet leave loving, Love, let me
Some senseless piece of this place be ;
Make me a mandrake, so I may grow here,
Or a stone fountain weeping out my year.

Hither with crystal phials, lovers, come,
And take my tears, which are love's wine,
And try your mistress' tears at home,
For all are false, that taste not just like mine.
Alas ! hearts do not in eyes shine,
Nor can you more judge women's thoughts by tears,
Than by her shadow what she wears.
O perverse sex, where none is true but she,
Who's therefore true, because her truth kills me.

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