Thursday, September 27, 2012

KBYD September 27, 2012

Our North Is Rising - The Black Paths
No Rush - Extra Love
All That Jazz - Echo and the Bunnymen
Bob 'N' Weave - The Joint
Whale - Yellow Ostrich
Walk - Walk (feat. Rik Warren)
(Let's All) Turn On - Hoodoo Gurus
Bobby Peru - negratempo
The Magic Touch - Melba Moore
So True - The Black Seeds
Cosmic Being - Rubberneck Lions
Vessel - Lionize
Sign to Go - Spasms
Where's The Money? - Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks
Waiting Room - Fugazi
No Application - Silverclub
Your Car - Andy Whitaker
Drink and the Devil - Death To The Strange
Tree Speak 2 - The Lava Children
The Body of a Healer - Esther Grey
Never Saw The Point - Cults
Birthday - The Bird And The Bee
Yellow Elevator #2 - The Black Angels
Happy Birthday - Altered Images
Dead Leg - Pajama Club


Loons Mating
by David Wagoner

Their necks and their dark heads lifted into a dawn
Blurred smooth by mist, the loons
Beside each other are swimming slowly
In charmed circles, their bodies stretched under water
Through ripples quivering and sweeping apart
The gray sky now held close by the lake's mercurial threshold
Whose face and underface they share
In wheeling and diving tandem, rising together
To swell their breasts like swans, to go breasting forward
With beaks turned down and in, near shore,
Out of sight behind a windbreak of birch and alder,
And now the haunted uprising wailing call,
And again, and now the beautiful sane laughter.

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