Wednesday, August 8, 2012

KBYD August 8, 2012

Leave Yourself Open - Bonfire Nights
The Fan and the Bellows - The Chameleons
Dirty Words - Folks
For Carol - Blind Atlas
One Man Brawl - I Am Kloot
Blues #9 - Group
The Perfect One - Naked Walrus
So True - The Black Seeds
That's No Way to Tell a Lie - Cold Shoulder
Goin' Mad Blues - John Lee Hooker
Bunnies - them SHARKS!
Trustafarian - Lionize
Maybe The Boy Who Cried Wolf Was Just Paranoid - Sugar Army
Horror Draped in Ice - The Gramotones
Draw the Line - Natalie Joan
Dangerous (CSS remix) - Faker
Purple Aki - Suzuki Method
T.H.U.N.D.A. - Thundamentals (feat. Charlotte Craib)


George Herbert

WHen my devotions could not pierce
          Thy silent eares;
Then was my heart broken, as was my verse;
   My breast was full of fears      
     And disorder:

My bent thoughts, like a brittle bow,
      Did flie asunder:
Each took his way; some would to pleasures go,
    Some to the warres and thunder
              Of alarms.

As good go any where, they say,
           As to benumme
Both knees and heart, in crying night and day,
   Come, come, my God, O come,
            But no hearing.

O that thou shouldst give dust a tongue
             To crie to thee,
And then not heare it crying! all day long
         My heart was in my knee,
                But no hearing.

Therefore my soul lay out of sight,
           Untun’d, unstrung:
  My feeble spirit, unable to look right,
   Like a nipt blossome, hung

O cheer and tune my heartlesse breast,
                  Deferre no time;
That so thy favours granting my request,
   They and my minde may chime,
                  And mend my ryme.

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