Thursday, July 12, 2012

KBYD July 12, 2012

Our North is Rising - The Black Paths
Gonna Make My Own Money - Deap Vally
Oh My Oh My - Blonde on Blonde
Be The Real Man - Hot Vestry
Run Through the Jungle - Lydia Lunch
Anger Management - Hunter Green
Yellow Brick Road - Captain Beefheart
Corner - Tokyo Corner
Fatman - 12 Dirty Bullets
This Place is a Dollhouse - Seahawk
Brokenarmy - Catfish and the Bottlemen
Bottle - Rik Warren
Waikiki 71 - Myth and Tropics
Always Asking Questions - Howard Jones
Hit the Floor - Tall Ships
You are a Possession, Up for Sale - Sugar Army
Thief in the Night - Rolling Stones
Burn the World - negratempo
Dreaming - Dead Saints
New Life - Gemma Ray
All of This - The Naked and Famous
Happy New Life - Mark Burgess and the Sons of God


From Astrophil and Stella
Sir Philip Sidney

Sonnet 21

Your words, my friend, (right healthful caustics) blame
My young mind marred, whom love doth windlass so
That mine own writings, like bad servants, show
My wits quick in vain thoughts, in virtue lame;
That Plato I read for nought but if he tame
Such coltish years; that to my birth I owe
Nobler desires, lest else that friendly foe,
Great expectation, wear a train of shame.
For since mad March great promise made of me,
If now the May of my years much decline,
What can be hoped my harvest time will be?
Sure, you say well, Your wisdom's golden mine
Dig deep with learning's spade. Now tell me this,
Hath this world aught so fair as Stella is?

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