Wednesday, June 20, 2012

KBYD June 20, 2012

NYAO - Humanizer
You Ain't No Good - The Bamboos
Maybe the Boy Who Cried Wolf Was Just Paranoid - Sugar Army
Castle Street Blues - Dead Saints
Crime of Passion - Hunters and Collectors
Love Survival Guide - Faker
Drink and the Devil - Death to the Strange
Skin - Sleeppers
Self Propelled Experience Approximator - Lionize
Good Time Girls - 12 Dirty Bullets
Beautiful Girl - The Evil Poor
The Great Disruptors - Sweethead
No Friends - The Minx
Those Words, Those Frames - Monarchs
Champagne - Millions
Lights Out - Dirty Vagrants
Demons (Live) - Dirty North
It's Not Me - Janice Graham Band
Exit Music (For a Film) - Radiohead


Lines Written in Dejection
by William Butler Yeats

WHEN have I last looked on
The round green eyes and the long wavering bodies
Of the dark leopards of the moon?
All the wild witches, those most notable ladies,
For all their broom-sticks and their tears,
Their angry tears, are gone.
The holy centaurs of the hills are vanished;
I have nothing but the embittered sun;
Banished heroic mother moon and vanished,
And now that I have come to fifty years
I must endure the timid sun.

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