Wednesday, November 23, 2011

KBYD November 23, 2011

Uprock (Instrumental) - RJD2
Hummer - Foals
For Carol - Blind Atlas
You Asked for the Moon and you got it - Suzuki Method
Jigsaw - Sugar Army
Little Leg Woman - Big Joe Williams
She Caught The Katy And Left Me A Mule To Ride - Taj Mahal
Ramona Was A Waitress - Paul Dempsey
my pretty little sherbet lips - DEAD BEAT BAND
Primitive 3D - Deerhunter
Rollin' And Tumblin' - Cyndi Lauper
Solid Ground - Maps & Atlases
Milkcow's Calf Blues - Robert Johnson
Get Lost - Tom Waits
Whales - The Cairos
This part of me - Bouts
Land of the Sun - Dead Sea Apes
Nietzsche - TheDandy Warhols
Don't Do It - Sharon Van Etten


by Matthew Arnold

Hark! ah, the nightingale--
The tawny-throated!
Hark, from that moonlit cedar what a burst!
What triumph! hark!--what pain!

O wanderer from a Grecian shore,
Still, after many years, in distant lands,
Still nourishing in thy bewilder'd brain
That wild, unquench'd, deep-sunken, old-world pain--

Say, will it never heal?
And can this fragrant lawn
With its cool trees, and night,
And the sweet, tranquil Thames,
And moonshine, and the dew,
To thy rack'd heart and brain
Afford no balm?

Dost thou to-night behold,
Here, through the moonlight on this English grass,
The unfriendly palace in the Thracian wild?
Dost thou again peruse
With hot cheeks and sear'd eyes
The too clear web, and thy dumb sister's shame?
Dost thou once more assay
Thy flight, and feel come over thee,
Poor fugitive, the feathery change
Once more, and once more seem to make resound
With love and hate, triumph and agony,
Lone Daulis, and the high Cephissian vale?
Listen, Eugenia--
How thick the bursts come crowding through the leaves!
Again--thou hearest?
Eternal passion!
Eternal pain!

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