Wednesday, April 25, 2012

KBYD April 25, 2012

Our North is Rising - The Black Paths
Shake For Me - Howlin Wolf
The Fantastic Journey of the Underground Man - De Staat
Dark Tales of a Policeman - 12 Dirty Bullets
Make Some Noise - Beastie Boys
Blues #9 - GROUP
Shameless Self-Promoter - Lionize
Drink and the Devil - Death to the Strange
Can't Seem to Make You Mine - The Seeds
Jessica - The Suns
Butterfly - Brassbastardz (Keymono)
Sun Is Shining - Bob Marley
Gratitude - Beastie Boys
Astral House - Dead Sea Apes
Thistledown - Whipcord
Get Lost - Tom Waits
NTSB - Ballerina Black
Those Girls - Millions
Bi Polar Bear - Silver Swans
Euclidean Distance - Tokyo Adventures
You Asked for the Moon and You Got It - Suzuki Method
Jemima Surrender - The Band
Bufflekill - Jaguar Jones
A Who Responsible - Steel Pulse
Beat Motel - Lost Cassettes
Pretty Thing - Bo Diddley


by: Charles Baudelaire

ANDROMACHE, I think of you! The stream,
The poor, sad mirror where in bygone days
Shone all the majesty of your widowed grief,
The lying Simoïs flooded by your tears,
Made all my fertile memory blossom forth
As I passed by the new-built Carrousel.
Old Paris is no more (a town, alas,
Changes more quickly than man's heart may change);
Yet in my mind I still can see the booths;
The heaps of brick and rough-hewn capitals;
The grass; the stones all over-green with moss;
The débris, and the square-set heaps of tiles.

There a menagerie was once outspread;
And there I saw, one morning at the hour
When toil awakes beneath the cold, clear sky,
And the road roars upon the silent air,
A swan who had escaped his cage, and walked
On the dry pavement with his webby feet,
And trailed his spotless plumage on the ground.
And near a waterless stream the piteous swan
Opened his beak, and bathing in the dust
His nervous wings, he cried (his heart the while
Filled with a vision of his own fair lake):
"O water, when then wilt thou come in rain?
Lightning, when wilt thou glitter?"

Sometimes yet
I see the hapless bird -- strange, fatal myth--
Like him that Ovid writes of, lifting up
Unto the cruelly blue, ironic heavens,
With stretched, convulsive neck a thirsty face,
As though he sent reproaches up to God!


Paris may change; my melancholy is fixed.
New palaces, and scaffoldings, and blocks,
And suburbs old, are symbols all to me
Whose memories are as heavy as a stone.
And so, before the Louvre, to vex my soul,
The image came of my majestic swan
With his mad gestures, foolish and sublime,
As of an exile whom one great desire
Gnaws with no truce. And then I thought of you,
Andromache! torn from your hero's arms;
Beneath the hand of Pyrrhus in his pride;
Bent o'er an empty tomb in ecstasy;
Widow of Hector -- wife of Helenus!
And of the negress, wan and phthisical,
Tramping the mud, and with her haggard eyes
Seeking beyond the mighty walls of fog
The absent palm-trees of proud Africa;
Of all who lose that which they never find;
Of all who drink of tears; all whom grey grief
Gives suck to as the kindly wolf gave suck;
Of meagre orphans who like blossoms fade.
And one old Memory like a crying horn
Sounds through the forest where my soul is lost . . .
I think of sailors on some isle forgotten;
Of captives; vanquished . . . and of many more.

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