Wednesday, March 14, 2012

KBYD March 14, 2012

Dark Days - Fat Freddy's Drop
Straight Up And Down - Brian Jonestown Massacre
Dreaming - Dead Saints
It Never Happens Like It Does On the Telly - Spasms
Your Mind Is On Vacation - Mose Allison
Jessica - The Suns
Little Bob - Black Grape
This Month, Day 10 - CSS
Love Survival Guide -  Faker
And Gone master - Jez Kerr
Fanboys - Seahawk
So True - The Black Seeds
Ships Are Alright - Let It Bomb
Someday Baby - R.L. Burnside
Get Sick - Bouts
Just Mellow - The Ruthless Rap Assassins
The Perfect One - Naked Walrus
Flashlight - Parliment
Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above - CSS 
Saints Are Swooning - Seahawk
Hooks For Hands - Sugar Army


From Astrophil and Stella
Sir Philip Sidney
c. 1585

In nature apt to like when I did see
Beauties, which were of many carats fine,
My boiling sprites did thither soon incline,
And, Love, I thought that I was full of thee:
But finding not those restless flames in me,
Which others said did make their souls to pine,
I thought those babes of some pin’s hurt did whine,
By my love judging what love’s pain might be.
But while I thus with this young lion played,
Mine eyes (shall I say curst or blest?) beheld
Stella; now she is nam’d, need more be said?
In her sight I a lesson new have spell’d,
I now have learn’d Love right, and learn’d even so,
As who by being poisoned doth poison know.

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