Wednesday, February 1, 2012

KBYD February 1, 2012

Elephant Stone - The Stone Roses
Humpty Dumpty - Breakestra        
Russell - Happy Mondays
Black Magic - WE//ARE//ANIMAL
Her Black Lips - Disco Nasties
This Time Of Night - New Order - Low-Life        
In Retrospect - Battleships
Invisible Inc. - Jaguar Jones
Somebody That I Used To Know Feat. Kimbra - Gotye
Nobody Loves You Like Me - Etta James
Demons - M. Craft            
Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass - !!! (Chk Chk Chk)
I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline) - Howlin' Wolf
Winter Was The Time - Jeremy Neale
Change The Record - OhBoy! remix
Tart Tart - Happy Mondays      
Cowgirl In The Sand - Neil Young                    
Directing Traffik - Inspiral Carpets
Everybody Hates Me - Bang! Bang! Rock n Roll


Sonnet 28

How can I then return in happy plight,
That am debarred the benefit of rest?
When day's oppression is not eas'd by night,
But day by night and night by day oppressed,
And each, though enemies to either's reign,
Do in consent shake hands to torture me,
The one by toil, the other to complain
How far I toil, still farther off from thee.
I tell the day, to please him thou art bright,
And dost him grace when clouds do blot the heaven:
So flatter I the swart-complexion'd night,
When sparkling stars twire not thou gild'st the even.
   But day doth daily draw my sorrows longer,
   And night doth nightly make grief's length seem stronger.

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