Wednesday, December 21, 2011

KBYD December 21, 2011

I Bet You - Funkadelic              
I Want It My Way - Endeavours
You Play The Girl - Arcadian Kicks
Riot Radio - The Dead 60s        
You'll Never Pay For The Farm - Gang of Four        
Low Yo Yo Stuff - Captain Beefheart      
Gloria Taylor Grounded - Gloria Taylor        
Dim - Taser Puppets
Assassiner - Janice Graham Band
Five Years Ahead Of My Time - The Third Bardo      
Shameless Self Promoter - Lionize
The Knight Riders - The Knight Riders        
No Work To Spare - Jim Adama
Keep Your Hands Off Her - Taj Mahal
Chinatown (is not Newtown) - Oceanics
Maybe, Tonight - The Vagrant City Scandal    
Kiss Me Goodnight - The Cinnamon Fuzz
Sometimes Always - The Jesus and Mary Chain        
She's A Weapon - Twisted Wheel
Rum Little Scallywag - Sonic Boom Six
Reset (Album Version) - MuteMath    


Gerard Manley Hopkins

Not of all my eyes see, wandering on the world,
Is anything a milk to the mind so, so sighs deep
Poetry to it, as a tree whose boughs break in the sky.
Say it is ashboughs: whether on a December day and furled
Fast ór they in clammyish lashtender combs creep
Apart wide and new-nestle at heaven most high.
They touch heaven, tabour on it; how their talons sweep
The smouldering enormous winter welkin! May
Mells blue and snowwhite through them, a fringe and fray
Of greenery: it is old earth’s groping towards the steep
Heaven whom she childs us by.

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