Wednesday, September 28, 2011

KBYD September 28, 2011


Island - The Whitest Boy Alive
King Kong - Big 'T' Tyler
Yesterday's girl - Yours & Mine
Heart-Shaped Box - Little Roy
Get It Right - Breakestra
tiny tiger lines - Elke
Seen It Coming - Icarus Himself
You Excite Me - 28 Costumes
Roll The Dice - The Calimocho Club
Motown - 12 Dirty Bullets
Dangerous (CSS Remix) - Faker
Let The Four Winds Blow - Roy Brown
I Never Learn - The Routes
Love Like a Fountain - Ian Brown
Baby How Long - Howlin' Wolf
Lady Haze - The Suns
Somebody That I Used To Know Feat. Kimbra - Gotye
Pressure - The Kinks
Spirito Santo - Black Swan Lane
Take a Vacation! - The Young Veins
Wheelkings 1973 - Onelady Owner
That Was My Girl - Parliament
Composure - Warpaint
Seizures - Faker
You Broke My Heart - Cornell Blakely
Sour Times - Portishead
Got My Eye On You - The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Ticket Agent Blues - Rik Warren
Daydreaming - Dark Dark Dark
Somewhere - The Dramatics
Soy Dios - Dead Sea Apes


The Caged Skylark

-Gerard Manley Hopkins

AS a dare-gale skylark scanted in a dull cage
  Man’s mounting spirit in his bone-house, mean house, dwells—
  That bird beyond the remembering his free fells;
This in drudgery, day-labouring-out life’s age.

Though aloft on turf or perch or poor low stage,
  Both sing sometímes the sweetest, sweetest spells,
  Yet both droop deadly sómetimes in their cells
Or wring their barriers in bursts of fear or rage.

Not that the sweet-fowl, song-fowl, needs no rest—
Why, hear him, hear him babble and drop down to his nest,
   But his own nest, wild nest, no prison.

Man’s spirit will be flesh-bound when found at best,
But uncumbered: meadow-down is not distressed
  For a rainbow footing it nor he for his bónes rísen.

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