Wednesday, August 24, 2011

KBYD August 24, 2011


I Feel Possessed - Crowded House
Forget Me Not - Thieves Like Us
Free The Pterodactyl 3 - Hot Club de Paris
12 Dollar Specs - Oceanics
Alien - Jez Kerr
Russian Literature - Maximo Park
Talk to me - Mink
Blood For Tears - Hot Vestry
Not Nineteen Forever - Courteeners
Frank, AB - The Rural Alberta Advantage
Negative Press - Jaguar Jones
Roll The Dice - Calimocho Club
Australia - The Shins
This is Hip - John Lee Hooker
Before Destruction - Spoon
Erase You - ESG
1880 -The Pack AD
I Hope You Die - Wye Oak
You Overdid it Doll - The Courteeners
Everything’s Gone Wrong - Larry Knight and the Upsetters

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

KBYD August 10, 2011


It Ain't What You Dance - the Swingers
Girl, I Love You - Mono Stereo
St Peter (Yardley mix) - Gaoler's Daughter
Everybody's Whalin' - Huey 'Piano' Smith & His Clowns
Sleep with the Fishes - Velociraptor
Lovesick - Friendly Fires
Bootsy - A Certain Ratio
Young Pilgrim - The Shins
The Sycamore Tree - Sebastian Dangerfield
Station Blues - Otha Turner
Arthur Brown Gets Me Down - humanizer
My Little Red Book - Love
The Ballad of James Brewer - The Suns
Rat Bags - DUNE RATS
Baby Got A Switchblade - The Calimocho Club
These Are Conditions - Pajama Club
Beach Comber - Real Estate
Listen to Music - Modern Skins
Meshkalina (Afro Dub) - DC Fontana  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

KBYD August 3, 2011

Playlist :

Tiger Heart - The Frowning Clouds
Let's Make It - John Lee Hooker
Roll The Dice - The Calimocho Club
The Worst Night - Only the Sea Slugs
Breaking Fun - Sons And Daughters
Reverberation (Doubt) - 13th Floor Elevators
Japanese Title - Ballerina Black
Toad - Rockets
Times Are Gonna Get Hard - Modern Skins
Middle Mass - The Fall
Be Cruel/Be Kind - Suzuki Method
Punch Your Face In - Danny Mahon
Philadelphia - Standard Fare
The Man Who Digs the Ditch - The Beacons
Red Rag - brakesbrakesbrakes
Old Scotland Road - The Suns
Unfold Fold - WE//ARE//ANIMAL
In Silence/Words Away - Rites of Spring
Drown My Heart - David Coleman
Skeleton Boy - Friendly Fires
Counting The Beat - The Swingers
The Hush - The Spring Standards