Wednesday, July 20, 2011

KBYD July 20, 2011


Whatitism - The Christophers
Spanish Moon - Little Feat
You Asked for the Moon and you got it - Suzuki Method
Mo' Funky (Pt 1) - ズボンズ  (ZOOBOMBS)
Addiction To Fiction - Bad Wolf
Strangers - Lovvers
Me Siento Mejor - Juniper Moon
Moonpark - Only The Sea Slugs
Saturday Night Succubi - The Black Knights
Breathe The Fire - Soft Moon
Get Away - The Christophers
Sugar Me Tea - Janice Graham
Neverending Math Equasion - Sun Kil Moon
Cobra Matte - The Pack A.D.
From A Friend To A Friend - Pajama Party
my pretty little sherbet lips - Dead Beat Band
For Sake of Space - Voo
Between Hello And Goodbye - The Field Mice
The Phillip, The Hawk - Rapids

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Sir Philip Sidney
Astrophel and Stella

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