Wednesday, June 8, 2011

KBYD June 8, 2011


'cause You're Mine - Vibrations
Turn a Square - The Shins
She Devil - The Upskirts
Madeline - Rockets
A.I - Masters In France
Release me - Junior Kimbrough
La Contessa - DC Fontana
Starting Over - The Rimes
West Won - These United States
Common Touch - Young Rebel Set
Girl In the Deva - The Suns
The Fuzz - The Strange
She's A Weapon - Twisted Wheel
Soy Dios - Dead Sea Apes    

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To Lucy Countesse of Bedford
by Ben Jonson

THIS morning, timely rapt with holy fire,
    I thought to forme unto my zealous Muse,
What kinde of creature I could most desire,
    To honor, serve, and love ; as Poets use.
I meant to make her and free, and wise,
    Of greatest blood, and yet more good than great ;
I meant the day-starre should not brighter rise,
    Nor lend like influence from his lucent seat.
I meant shee should be curteous, facile, sweet,
    Hating that solemne vice of greatnesse, pride ;
I meant each softest vertue, there should meet,
    Fit in that softer bosome to reside.
Onely a learned, and a manly soule
    I purpos'd her ; that should, with even powers,
The rock, the spindle, and the sheeres controule
    Of destinie, and spin her owne free houres.
Such when I meant to faigne, and wish'd to see,
    My Muse bade, Bedford write, and that was shee.

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