Wednesday, June 15, 2011

KBYD June 15, 2011


No Pity - Wax Tailor
Up Up Up - Givers
Pretty big Mouth - Count Five
California - The Swamplords
Smaller The Print - The Ivys
For Want Of - Rites of Spring
Smoldering Fuselage - Mission of Burma
Another Year Another Night - Spasms
The Fantastic Journey of the Underground Man - De Staat
The Worst Night - Only The Sea Slugs
The Odyssey - Cigarette Bums
Trojans - Atlas Genius
Alphabet District - Modern Skins
Spiders - Draw Me Stories
Stalagmites - The Souls
University (Polo Club Remix) - Rapids
Mistery Train - Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Meshkalina - DC Fontana
Please Do Not Go - Violent Femmes
Audio Bullys - Only Man
Unprofessional Wrestling - Art Brut        

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Sonnet XXV: The Wisest Scholar
Sir Philip Sidney

      The wisest scholar of the wight most wise
By Phoebus' doom, with sugar'd sentence says,
That Virtue, if it once met with our eyes,
Strange flames of love it in our souls would raise;

But for that man with pain his truth descries,
Whiles he each thing in sense's balance weighs,
And so nor will, nor can behold those skies
Which inward sun to heroic mind displays,

Virtue of late with virtuous care to stir
Love of herself, took Stella's shape, that she
To mortal eyes might sweetly shine in her.

It is most true, for since I her did see,
Virtue's great beauty in that face I prove,
And find th'effect, for I do burn in love.

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