Wednesday, January 12, 2011

KBYD January 12, 2011


Can't See Me - Ian Brown
Can't Fake The Feeling - Geraldine Hunt
Left Hand - Crowded House
For Sake of Space - Voo
Won't Be Long - Dusty Springfield
12 dollar specs - Oceanics
Same Deep Water as Me - I Am Kloot
Too tight - The Graveyard Shift
The Conductor - Ume
Baile Funk Medley - Funk N Lata, Ivo Meirelles
Cucaracha - Gooch Palms
Left Behind - CSS
You Are My Sunshine - Ray Charles
Play Sumthing Fast - Jez Kerr
Winter 1 - Pete and the Pirates
Salt Water Sound - Zero 7
Flashlight - Parliament
No One Knows - Queens Of The Stone Age
Waiting Room - Fugazi
San Pedro - Mogwai
Trouble No More - Muddy Waters

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Sonnet 86
William Shakespeare

Was it the proud full sail of his great verse,
Bound for the prize of (all too precious) you,
That did my ripe thoughts in my brain inhearse,
Making their tomb the womb wherein they grew?
Was it his spirit, by spirits taught to write,
Above a mortal pitch, that struck me dead?
No, neither he, nor his compeers by night
Giving him aid, my verse astonished.
He nor that affable familiar ghost
Which nightly gulls him with intelligence,
As victors of my silence cannot boast,
I was not sick of any fear from thence.
But when your countenance filled up his line,
Then lacked I matter, that enfeebled mine.

Ode I, 5: To Pyrrha
BY HORACE (Tr. John Milton)

What slender youth, bedew’d with liquid odors,
Courts thee on roses in some pleasant cave,
             Pyrrha? For whom bind’st thou
             In wreaths thy golden hair,
Plain in thy neatness? O how oft shall he
Of faith and changed gods complain, and seas
             Rough with black winds, and storms
             Unwonted shall admire!
Who now enjoys thee credulous, all gold,
Who, always vacant, always amiable
             Hopes thee, of flattering gales
             Unmindful. Hapless they
To whom thou untried seem’st fair. Me, in my vow’d
Picture, the sacred wall declares to have hung
             My dank and dropping weeds
             To the stern god of sea.

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